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Sunday#22 Taking a Look Back

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At the type alterations and Fairy. Since the games have been out for a good amount of time now and all of the new strategies in typings have been analyzed, it's time to review it all and decide if everything was for the better or worse.
Starting from the smallest, we have the small nerd to Bug where Fairy is resistant to it. This is easily completely pointless competitive wise and seems backwards actually. Shouldn't Bug gain an advantage over a more common type now?
Next we have the nerf on Steel. Here, the type loses its resistance to Dark and Ghost, much to Honedge's horror. This is likely due to GameFreak trying to make Steel more offensive, despite its whole purpose being to be Defensive. Hardly any attacks have a base power over 80 still, just showing the lack of care that went into this. Steel losing two resistances only takes it away from its roots and weakens the only type that's reliable on SE hits on Fairy. Contrary to popular belief, losing two resistances and gaining an advantage does not equal out well.
Next we have the Fairy type itself and all that it has affected. Many believed Fairy to be overpowered in its typing, and it still is a little bit, but thanks to GameFreak, it's not a problem. A majority of Fairy types are too weak to be viable in competitive play, and those that are strong are too few, usually with a second type to give it more weaknesses. For now, Fairy is tame. As for what it has affected, we have Poison, Fighting, Fire, and of course, Dragon. Fire and Fighting have not been changed that much, and are still perfectly viable. Poison finally gets a needed buff, but is still underpowered and in need of strong moves. Everyone thought Dragon would lose its crown as most overused (not overpowered) but the Psuedo-Dragons still reign supreme. Garchomp in particular can still cover all his weaknesses and is only powered up more by his Mega's ability. Dragons were barely nerfed, instead given a mere nuisance they can handle.
Looks like most of what we all thought didn't come true as hoped or dreaded, depending on your stance. As I've said before, looks like waiting for the games to come out instead of complaining beforehand works.

In other news, leaks have made a return as the event trio and some other less spectacular Pokémon have been seen on the interwebs. Designs of them are alright in my opinion.

Thanks for reading.

...Fairy much PINK.

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  1. Isaac Gravity's Avatar
    Good read. Far as I'm concerned, Fairy Type is "wasted potential the type". The amount of monsters confirmed fairy and those who you'd thought be it reported not is boggling. Meh, I really did just want a "Fairy Invasion & Infestation" to be honest.

    Esp. if it meant the much needed increase in movepools and STAB spreads. THAT would have been crazy. Interesting crazy.

    I can't put it into proper words myself but I still do have my reserves about taking what Steel does best and mucking it just to give something to put a slap on da Fairies. Steel weakness DOES make sense from the spiritual aspect (creations of man [such as cities] and their growing dependency on technology destroying nature and making them less likely to concern themselves with fear/acknowledgement of the spirits) but the trade-off to do so, as already pointed out, defeated what they did best stat-wise and their offensive pool isn't very big.

    Hm, according to Serebii, Meteor Mash went from 100 BP 85 Acc to 90 BP 90 Acc all while Iron Tail remains untouched (Iron Head & Steel Wing also seems untouched)...

    Bug resistance however, makes no sense. Should be usual neutral damage. Also question the pointless power-up Fire Types gained by being able to resist Fairy. Doesn't make much sense to me.
  2. Bolt the Cat's Avatar
    What about Dark types, they gained an extra weakness with Fairy's introduction, and I doubt that's doing them any favors.

    I really think it's a shame that most of the Fairy types are pretty weak, because it means that they fail to address the threats that their type was designed to counter. Not saying Fairy needs to reach pseudo legend level, but some stronger ones wouldn't hurt.

    Also, I disagree that Poison lacks stronger moves, it already has Belch, Gunk Shot, Sludge Bomb, and Sludge Wave. More of them would be nice, but not really necessary (at least for the time being). If there's any types that need stronger moves, it's Dark and Ghost, as both of them lack high power moves.

    I hope next gen refines some of the things that they did this gen, tweaking the type chart in favor of some of the more disadvantaged types like Bug and Ice, giving types like Dark, Ghost, and Steel better options, creating stronger Fairies, things of that nature.
  3. L.L.'s Avatar
    @Bolt the Cat ;
    Forgot Dark :p I'd say it's still a bad and unneeded nerf.


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