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Sunday#21 Guess Who Just Got Their First Shiny

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If your answer was me, then you're wrong. However, the number of people that can answer this has been growing rapidly over the past few weeks thanks to XY. Some people like this, others don't. That means today two questions are getting answers: how did shinies become so common and is this help or harm?
As we all know, the previous encounter rate for a shiny was less than 1/8000, resulting in many people never even seeing one, even if they've played for years. With XY, the encounter rate jumped to 1/1000, meaning eight times as many appearances. We could just end it there and say that's why so many people have it, but many minor changes came together to really make shinies more common.
The first of which is the return of the Pokéradar which, despite limited areas it can be effective, has returned as a leading provider of shinies. The second of which is another return, the Masuda Method, which, coupled with a long and convenient route outside the daycare, makes mass breeding get easy. Thirdly, we have the new battle mode of hordes. If you add the encounter rates of five Pokémon together, the chance of a shiny rockets to 1/200, equal to the Pokéradar's maximum in Gen IV and possibly VI. The fact you can trigger horde battles on demand makes it all the easier. And finally, perhaps the biggest shiny change is Chain Fishing. This oceanic counterpart to the Pokéradar is much easier to use and doesn't even require a battle. Although its details are still surrounded in mystery, there's no doubt of its effectiveness.
So the question people actually care about remains. Is making shiny Pokémon more common a generous gift or misguided appeasement? Well, let's see why people are upset. They claim shinies are supposed to be ridiculously rare and, because of this, keeps just anyone from getting it. However, why shouldn't anyone get it? Are shinies great and powerful beasts that only pros are able to earn? No, shinies are normal Pokémon with a color swap that is only obtained through luck, even as much as you can manipulate said luck with the previously mentioned ways. Contrary to popular belief, shinies are also still rare. If they were as common as everyone seems to think, everyone would have at least one and I wouldn't be failing in using the Pokéradar. And besides, shinies are just there for fun. They make people happy and give bragging rights. As much as I'd hate to say it, people upset over them being more common are acting a bit selfish in my opinion.
And if people are really that worried about rarity, go and get some of those possibly fake monochrome Pokémon said to be floating around.

In other news, three yet-to-be-revealed legendaries might as well have been confirmed. We've got a thread for them I would recommend checking out.

Thanks for reading.

...I wonder what that shiny creation trio will do when we can bring them over. Shiny Arceus?

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  1. Neo Blaze's Avatar
    I've ever encountered 3 Shinies myself on pure luck. These were Oddish (now Vileplume), Tangela (now Tangrowth) and Cresselia. Add to that the storyline Shinies (Gyarados, Gible (now Garchomp) and Haxorus), events (Dialga, Palkia and Giratina) and legit ones I got in trade (either GTS, gifts from certain people, or here on the forums), I now own 18 Shinies. Yet I haven't seen a single one in XY ^_^

    I sincerely hope you will ever encounter a Shiny in the wild or hatch a Shiny, it's something you will certainly treasure.
  2. Shiny Celebi's Avatar
    Actually, its in no way confirmed what the shiny rate is. We do not know for a fact it's 1/1000 at all. Its just all speculation. I do think something has changed though.
  3. Bolt the Cat's Avatar
    I doubt the shiny Creation trio will do anything in XY, they would've said so from the start if they did.
  4. Norzan's Avatar
    Am the only who doesn't care about shinies and never did and probably never will?
  5. Codface's Avatar
    Imo the daycare route is awful. I wish those lampposts and fountain would just disappear. Plus the fact the green baseball cap due does not summon/chat you over annoys me no end, since the back of his head looks familiar enough to his face to mean you have to concentrate rather than watch tv or something while hatching.

    Chain fishing seems a joke and is too easy. At least regular old chaining required some skills to pick the pattern and organize.
  6. Crystalanachrony's Avatar
    I'm not much of a fan of the increased likelihood of seeing Shinies. Somehow it makes them worth less to me. :/


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