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Oh, I give up.

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by , 12th September 2013 at 12:36 AM (1277 Views)
GameFreak, what have you done? You've...

Made Dark even weaker,
Given Steel an unnecessary nerf,
Made Ice completely pointless,
Confused Overpowered with Overused in Dragons,
Made Garchomp completely and utterly unstoppable,
Failed to address the real overpowered types,
Given Bug less of a chance (so much for Fairy-counter Scizor),
And above all else, created the second most overpowered type in the history of the franchise, made worse by the fact it was supposed to balance the game.

Next time you alter types, get feedback from competitive battlers.

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  1. Gaga's Avatar
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    My thoughts in bold because too lazy to properly quote.
  2. Silktree's Avatar
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    They hardly nerfed Steel. It lost two resistances to compensate for the fact that it got a new resistance and an offensive advantage against Fairy. I'd say it got better, which is a problem.
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  3. Reila's Avatar
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    I agree about they pointlessly making Dark and Bug weaker. These two types didn't deserve to be nerfed.
  4. Bolt the Cat's Avatar
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    Agreeing with @FairyGaga; about the role of competitive battling. One thing you have to keep in mind is that the only real difference between the main game and competitive is that competitive has smarter opponents. The game mechanics are still the same, the only real difference is that some Pokemon and strategies will be more common because of popularity and effectiveness. Anyway, most of these changes aren't really specific to the competitive scene. Fairy types prevent you from spamming Dragon the whole game, Ice types still have too few resistances and are more fragile and less useful than their new Fairy rivals, and you still have to make a choice between Dark and Ghost in a well balanced team (unless you teach their moves to a different type). They don't need advice from competitive battlers for any of this.

    As for the actual changes, my two main concerns are that Ground can counter every Fairy counter and that Ice is now useless, I really think they dropped the ball there. Giving Fairy a resistance to Bug also didn't help, but it doesn't really hurt as much as the other two so I'm not as worried.
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  5. The Outrage's Avatar
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    How on earth was Steel actually weakened? It lost two resistances, but gained one over the generation. So now it can block ~60% rather than ~70% of the types. And with an increased Fairy presence, it becomes offensively more powerful with its new SE STAB? Yeah, Metagross kind of loses out on this because of its dual type, but in terms of the type itself? Nothing really happened defensively, and offensively its more powerful.
  6. WindBlast's Avatar
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    1- I agree about evil. They should have really made it SE against fairy too.
    2-Steel was hardly nerfed. Due to it being SE against fairies, its move will rise to prominence and given that it still resists dragons...
    Just imagine if steel still resisted evil and ghost O.O
    3-Yeeeeah!!!! My poor ice type. It is now completely and utterly useless. I don't think that we will ever see an ice type in OU again unless it was a legendary or has divine stats.
    4-Gaburias getting a mega evo clearly hints at every PL pokemon also getting one. And I wouldn't say unstoppable because other powerful pokemon are also getting mega evo.
    5-They did. they just did not do it right. Yeah, they nerfed dragons and fighting, but they did not even attempt to touch ground or water >>
    6-poor bugs. That was really uncalled for.
    7-Yes, I can honestly say that fairies will be overpowered. Geo control hints that fairies will be learnign ground type moves as a theme so that will make them wall both of their weakness.

    Now watch them introduce new types in Gen VII to nerf fairies. and the cycle will go on forever.


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