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Comic-Con 2013

  1. Comic-Con Part 3: Next-Gen Consoles, Games, and Batman and Superman Movie

    by , 21st July 2013 at 01:05 AM
    Part three has come and we've saved the best for last.

    Going to get this out of the way, a Batman and Superman man movie has been announced yesterday or today. It's going to feature them both, and is likely a buildup to the Justice League movie we all know is coming. Few details are released that I know of.

    I can now say I'm one of the people that have seen a next-fan console in person before release. And even less can say they saw both. On display were the PS4 and ...
  2. Comic-Con Part 2: Movie Announcements, Props, and Models and Figurines

    by , 20th July 2013 at 01:42 AM
    Now I'll move onto what you can see in the title. I've stopped going in chronological order to save the best for last.

    Movies! Perhaps the biggest thing at Comic-Con nowadays. What people don't usually realize however, is that it doesn't focus on current movies (unless you're Star Wars, Star Trek, or an old horror film). Instead, it commonly gives previews and Brits hype for upcoming movies. Where to start...
    The Amazing Spider-Man 2 was announced. Technically it was announced ...
  3. Comic-Con Part 1: Outside the Con, Heading In, and Cosplayers

    by , 19th July 2013 at 01:12 AM
    My day at Comic-Con has passed (a few hours ago) and I'm here to review highlights of the day. Here we go.

    I start off by walking around outside as usual, and one of the first things I notice is a pirate ship docked in the harbor bearing the Assassin's Creed IV logo. Looks like they went all out.
    Moving on, there's Lego sculptures everywhere of some Batman characters (life size btw) along with A scene from The Hobbit. And then the Mystery Machine is there too for no real reason. ...
  4. Heading to Comic-Con Tomorrow

    by , 17th July 2013 at 10:33 PM
    And I'm not talking about the cheap knockoff in New York. This is the San Diego one. I'll be keeping track of whatever I see, and I'll probably post one or two blogs about it. I'm not going to bore you with details like how I got there, just things you actually want to hear.
    I'll be on the lookout for movie and game related stuff more than anything, and I might check out the Pokémon section they have every year with a giant Pikachu. I'll be sure to look for more hidden confirmations of Hoenn, ...