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  1. The one thing I want more than Pokébank...

    is for Reggie to be playable in the next Smash Bros.
  2. Buy a PC! Consoles are going extinct!

    Since this is the internet and someone is bound to take this seriously, I'm putting this here to remind you this is a joke. Enjoy.

    Stop what you're doing! The future of gaming has never been clearer. PC gaming is out shining both the XBox and PS4 in every possible way, despite both of these consoles barely being out. We all knew this was coming but it's time to declare it...consoles are going extinct due to the wonder of PC.
    Just look at the facts. Consoles are insignificant ...
  3. Sunday#24 Breaking the Bank

    As we all know (assuming you don't live under a rock), Pokémon Bank has been delayed due to server maintenance. I know especially since I spent an hour getting all my boxes ready in preparations. But what does the community think of this?
    *Reads YouTube comments
    Ah! Everyone is upset that they can't transfer or store or simply bask in the glory of the feature yet. Shall we take a look and see if people should make such a fuss? I think so.
    Before we really delve in let's get ...
  4. So is the Wii U worth it?


    With the recent price drop and games coming out I've started considering getting one. My only real concern is games I would be missing out on otherwise.
  5. Miley Cyrus should be TIME's Person of the Year

    If you check out the polls for Person of the Year, you'll notice that Miley Cyrus is in first place. For some reason, a lot of people are accusing this of being rigged, perhaps a votebot hacked in for someone's bizarre amusement. However, I disagree. Cyrus is truly an interesting and changing person that deserves the reward I being Person of the Year and here's why.
    1) She is an inspiration to young girls
    After her Disney show ended, Cyrus was pretty much off the radar. Considered ...

    Updated 31st December 2013 at 01:05 AM by L.L.

    What did I just write?
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