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Pokemon in Sports

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I thought about this: which pokemon is best at football? Or icehockey? Or tennis? I will figure it out!

1. Soccer:
You have to be fast, kick a ball and play for either Real Madrid or Barcelona to be good at this. Hmm
Who is best at kicking? Probably Hitmonlee. Is Hitmonlee fast then? I think so. Is he playing for RM or Barca? Nope. He has 2/3! Hitmonlee is our man in football!

2. Wrestling:
You not want to have a wrestling match with Snorlax...

3. Ice Hockey:
Who is good at Ice skating? Sneasel! But if Sneasel got tackled he would probably die. So instead I will say... Sneasel in armor!

4. American Football:
You need to have someone who is fast and strong. Maybe Hariyama? He is sturdy and strong. And if you have some quick guys who carries him you will have a perfect team!

5. Tennis:
Someone tall with arms. Gogoat.

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  1. Codface's Avatar
    1. Meditite - quick reactions and decent footwork. Messi might be a Meditite. Medicham is Ronaldo with its stupid face.

    2. Wailord sit on Snorlax thus wins

    3. Quagsire tail could totally block shots with that tail. Plus Quagsire would likes Canada.

    4. Hariyama would be a decent lineman. Mewtwo as Quarterback (Brady is kind of an angry mewtwo). Machamp as running back and Deoxy as wide receiver (cos its like a transformer and Megatron is the best wideout irl)

    5. Kyurem-W huge size and physicalness. Plus it looks like Federer....if your drunk...and have 2 eyes closed. Gogoat does look like Andy Murray so guess would be good too.
  2. Italy-kun's Avatar
    Oh haha ha hahaha Deoxys pun.
  3. L.L.'s Avatar
    Let's no forget Slowpoke! He wins after it's over!


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