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  1. Well... lol

    I have a new nice OU team which I am trying in Showdown. I named it the Roflstomp team since it should stomp everything extremely hard. The only issue was that half the Roflstomp team got Roflstomped by a Slurpuff.
  2. Guardians of the Galaxy!

    Yesterday the second trailer for upcoming sci-fi action film from Marvel came out! Guardians of the Galaxy! It is based on the Marvel comics about a superhero team journeying the galaxy and fighting bad guys. The movie features five heroes from this group: Peter Quill/Star Lord, a human and leader for the team. Gamora, a skilled alien assassin. Drax, an angry guy who wants revenge for his dead family. Groot, a tree-like being whose only speaking line is "I am Groot!". And at last my personal ...

    Just in case someone missed it.
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  4. Woooooo!

    Woooooo! It was my first Bulbaversary... yesterday. I missed it. Sigh. Well I can celebrate now instead!

    Okay celebration done. I just thought I should thank everyone here for being so nice and making this a good place to be on. Thank you! Oh and by the way remakes of Ruby and Sapphire will come! Yay! I bet we will get new Megas then!
  5. Go Go Gogoat!

    So I was at the Battle Spot and played some Ranked 3 on 3 battles. I entered one match with my Goodra, Pinsir and Gogoat. The Pinsir was defeated early in the match by a Zoroark but Goodra defeated the Zoroark soon afterwards. Then my opponent sent out a Mega Kangashkhan. I knew that Kangashkhan would kill my both remaining pokes fast but I decided that I would have a small chance of defeating it if I did not switch in Gogoat immediatly. So I allowed Goodra to die. Then I sent in Gogoat. And Gogoat ...
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