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  1. Woooooo!

    Woooooo! It was my first Bulbaversary... yesterday. I missed it. Sigh. Well I can celebrate now instead!

    Okay celebration done. I just thought I should thank everyone here for being so nice and making this a good place to be on. Thank you! Oh and by the way remakes of Ruby and Sapphire will come! Yay! I bet we will get new Megas then!
  2. Go Go Gogoat!

    So I was at the Battle Spot and played some Ranked 3 on 3 battles. I entered one match with my Goodra, Pinsir and Gogoat. The Pinsir was defeated early in the match by a Zoroark but Goodra defeated the Zoroark soon afterwards. Then my opponent sent out a Mega Kangashkhan. I knew that Kangashkhan would kill my both remaining pokes fast but I decided that I would have a small chance of defeating it if I did not switch in Gogoat immediatly. So I allowed Goodra to die. Then I sent in Gogoat. And Gogoat ...
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  3. Palpitoad debuts at the Battle Spot!

    As everyone probably knows I am a huge fan of Palpitoad. I have a lvl 80 one, without EV training. Even though it is a Palpitoad and even though it has no EVs and even though it has no item I put it in my Battle Box and played a few matches on the Ranked Battles at the Battle Spot. I only used Palpitoad in the last battle together with Lord Goo the Goodra and my Pinsir Timbuktu. Palpitaod was myy lead and faced a Sableye. Sableye used Trick and managed to give Palpitoad a Choice Scarf in exchange ...
  4. I hate Palpitoad

    I really do. I mean, it has these disgusting looks and ugly color scheme. Those colors does not match at all. And then those three blub things on its head. I mean, it is just crazy and bad. And it has no hands either making it look even more bizzare. And in some pokedex entry it was mentioned that it causes earthquakes. And then it can not even learn the move Earthquake! That is silly GF. Really. That pokedex entry is one big Aprils fool. Just as this blog.

    Thanks for reading.
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  5. Steve got children!

    Today is one happy day! Steve the Hydregion got a daughter and a son! A friend here on the forums, @Shiny Blaze; borrowed me his Hydregion Heidi. Then I bred them and gave @Shiny Blaze; one egg and I kept the other one myself. I got a girl and he got a boy. I named mine Stevette and I think he named his Steve Jr. Congrats Steve and Heidi!
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