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I am a bit sad

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by , 11th August 2013 at 11:28 AM (406 Views)
I am a bit sad. I am trying to lvl up my Soulsilver pokemon for a fight with Red. I am training on the gym leaders. Today I challenged Misty. It went bad. I had almost no healing stuff so she killed my Magnezone and Dragonite and Nidoking and Donphan. After that I only had Lapras and my around lvl 20 Gible(with an Exp. Share) left. Gible went down easily and Lapras too after a tough fight.
After healing up my team I challenged Janine instead. But I forgot to buy more healing stuff! And Janines Venomoth was transformed into Uber - Venomoth. I lost again. And this is what made me sad. But I revenged. I put Lugia and the mighty Electivire in the team and returned to Janine. This time it went better. I won! Uber-Venomoth was brought down by the mighty Electivires Thunderpunches. I only lost one pokemon(the mighty Electivire)and Gible evolved. I am a bit happier now.
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    I first beat Red with Mewtwo catch him make it learn psychic and earthquake,train up your water type and you can possibly win
  2. Aamir's Avatar
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    Good job!
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