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  1. Thoughts on ORAS Megas Part 2!

    So I will write yet another one of these because a grand bunch of epic Megas has arrived. And I love trying to be funny.

    Mega Sableye

    *Pros: It seems filthy rich. Look at that diamond...
    *Cons: Not as cool as a bunch of other Pokemons I can count up. Probably at least +200. Lets try: Pokemon cooler than Mega Sableye:
    Palpitoad, Electivvire, Chesnaught, Pangoro, Blaziken, Darkrai, Lucario, Greninja, Charizard, Feraligatr, Thyploison, Starator, Torterra... ...
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  2. Thoughts on ORAS Megas!!!!!

    So before the release of XY last year I made blogs when I posted my thoughts about Kalos pokemons and megas. That was basically me trying to be funny but failing. Now I am bored so I will do it about the ORAS megas!

    Cool huh?

    No probably not. But anyways here is the cathegories I will use to write down my opinions with:

    *Pros: Rather self-explainatory, dont ya think?

    *Cons: If you thought the last one was self-explainatory then you will ...
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  3. So... E3

    So E3 has revealed stuff. Dunno if its over, but I know many announcements. So here we go, my view on some of them:

    *ORAS: Unfair release. Well Nintendo might have thought that world release dont work when you think about what happened with XY... But why Europe?

    *Smash Bros Wii U/3DS: You can se your Miis! Yay! You can costumize them! Yay! And Palpitoad is still not confirmed for the game....

    *Assasins Creed: Unite: Four assassins? More like four hooded ...
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    Just in case someone missed it.
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  5. I hate Palpitoad

    I really do. I mean, it has these disgusting looks and ugly color scheme. Those colors does not match at all. And then those three blub things on its head. I mean, it is just crazy and bad. And it has no hands either making it look even more bizzare. And in some pokedex entry it was mentioned that it causes earthquakes. And then it can not even learn the move Earthquake! That is silly GF. Really. That pokedex entry is one big Aprils fool. Just as this blog.

    Thanks for reading.
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