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A thought of a noob breeder

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I've been breeding for a perfect IVs Eevee for 4 days now, and I've been stuck at 4 IVs for most of this time. Either I'm doing something dead wrong, or 2-3 hours a day is not enough to properly breed anything

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  1. The Outrage's Avatar
    What's your parent's IVs? Once people have two parents with four IVs each who overlap in the 5 IVs you need (rarely do you need 6 to be functionally "perfect" as very few are mix sweepers), people often experience a slump in breeding. It's noted here as the 1/24 plateau. They suggest giving up on getting the right nature at the moment (assuming both parents have the right nature and one is holding an Ever Stone) and use Power Item + Destiny Knot to expedite getting the correct 5 IV spread Pokemon. Use the resulting Pokemon as a parent in your next breeding cycle will reduces the odds, which has always helped me overcome the plateau.

    Even if you have two 6 IV parents, you'll only ever be guaranteed 5 perfect stats, with the last one having a 1/32 chance of being perfect as it is randomly generated. Unless it is actually important, there's really no point. In fact, with special attackers, aiming for lower attack may be more beneficial as it doesn't reduce your offensive abilities, but reduces damage from confusion.
  2. sharkshocker's Avatar
    Just to make sure, the parents you're using don't share the same 4 IVs right? You need to spread out what perfect IVs they have to make the most of Destiny Knot.

    2-3 hours a day is a good amount of time for breeding but sometimes you just get unlucky with the eggs you get. :/ Keep it up and good luck!
  3. faucin's Avatar
    are you using the destiny knot? make sure you do, specially if you are using parents with some maxed IVs still, it takes time, don't worry. what i normaly do is start breeding and as i start getting better offspring i use them as parents, trying to make it so the parents have some IVs in common but also some different and eventually you'll get results. the more you breed the easier it gets because you end up having some mons with good IVs that speed up future breeding projects. if you want a 6IV then it will take more time as one stat will always be random.

    of course, you can only be having bad luck. it happens to the best of us
  4. Alexey's Avatar
    Thanks for the advice, guys :)

    By 'perfect' I meant 5/6, of course, and yes, I'm using Destiny Knot, and no, IVs don't completely overlap. Now I know i'm doing everything right, which is good.. and bad
  5. Phoenixon's Avatar
    I'm assuming you're using just an ordinary eevee and a ditto, neither of them having any held items? If that's the case, you're doing nothing wrong, it's just that getting a Pokemon with 31 IVs in each stat (the highest possible) is extremely unlikely.
    The probability of getting ONE stat full is (1/31), and so, the probability of getting SIX stats full is (1/31)*(1/31)*(1/31)*(1/31)*(1/31)*(1/31)*(1/31), or, (1/31)6, which equals 0.0000000011267559, which is around 1.1675../1,000,000,000, meaning that, on average, ONE out of every BILLION Eevees will have perfect IVs.

    HOWEVER, I didn't take into account that some IVs are also passed down from parents, so the probability would be different depending on the parent's IVs.

    Regardless, if one of the parents has high IVs, I recommend using Destiny Knot (assuming you're playing X/Y). This will pass down FIVE IVs of the parent holding it. If the parent has ONE stat with a high IV, then you can make them hold the EV-enhancing item for that stat, and that stat will be passed down. So, for example, let's say I have parents with the following IVs (this is unrealistic):

    HP: 31


    So, what I would do is, make Ditto hold Destiny Knot, so FIVE of its IVs get passed down (it could include speed, so for this, if I bred 6 eevees, probably ONE of them will have passed down the IVs WITHOUT speed), and make Eevee hold the Power Anklet, which will pass down it's speed. If all the IVs I want to get passed down from Ditto (everything except speed) are passed down, and so is Eevee's speed, then I would get an Eevee with full 31 IVs in every stat.
    As I said before, this is unrealistic, since it would be hard to find a Ditto with those stats in the first place. I ASSUME you'v bred at least 60 eevees by now, which means, you probably have 31 IVs of ONE stat for many of the stats (ie at least one of your eevees has 31 attack, at least one has 31 defense, etc). Once you have one Eevee with 31 in each stat, you can chain breed them with the EV-enhancing held item I told you about (which is specific for each stat), and then FINALLY get a full 31 IV Eevee.

    My explanation might suck, so if you need any help in doing what I just described, you can ask me again.
    ANYWAY, to answer your question, if you are breeding 2-3 hours for only 4 days, (without held items), then it's unlikely that you'll get a full 31 IV Eevee.
  6. Alexey's Avatar
    Poor choice of words on my behalf. By 'perfect' I meant 5 perfect IVs out of 6 (no concern for attack stat). And I'm getting there - I've already put myself in a position where hatching what I need is but a matter of time
    Thanks for the advice :)
  7. The Outrage's Avatar

    That's not how Destiny Knot or Power Items work--its incredibly obvious even without a guide to anyone who has bred in Gen VI. It doesn't matter which parent holds Destiny Knot, as it will pass down 5 IVs chosen at random from both parents. You don't need a parent with perfect IVs--all you need is both parents having 3 or 4 IVs that cover all desired stats and you can get the 5 IV Pokemon you want.

    Now when you take Power Items into the equation, it's not Destiny Knot + Power Item IVs. You will only ever pass 5 IVs, but what the Power Item does is guarantee an IV of your choice gets passed down.

    The probability is also 1/32, because the IV range is 0 - 31 inclusive, making 32 possible choices.


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