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X/Y Starter evolutions

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Last time, I have written down a rant 'bout how people don't want Fennekin to Fire/Fighting. Now this time, I’m going to guess the types of the X/Y starter evolutions.


Acoording to a trailer, Chespin can apparently learn Rollout. Visually, Chespin seems like it can evolve into a Grass/Fighting type, but since the lil' hedgehog seems to learn Rollout, it could probably be a Grass/Rock type. But that is because Rollout is a Rock-type, so I could be wrong. I suppose it could evolve into a Grass/Ground type too. I googled Chespin's evolution's type and fans would like for it to evolve into a Grass/Dark type. I suppose that could work, but Chespin seems rather unthreatening to evolve into a Grass/Dark type.


You'll probably know my opinion on this one, but I'm going to quote it anyways.

I am starting to get ticked with the whole 'Fennekin's evo should not be Fire/Fighting' thing. I mean, if it were, I would be cracking out laughing, but even so... Just because we got 3 Fire/Fighting starters in a row doesn't mean were getting yet another one.

I'm hoping for Fennekin's final evolution to be pure Fire. I mean, what was the last one we had? Typhlosion, and he has been around for over 10 years too. Fans want for it to be Fire/Psychic, but I cannot see it evolving into a Fire/Psychic.
I'll also mention that it seems to learn Howl according to the same trailer as the one I mentioned earlier.


Don't have that much of an opinion for Froakie, to be honest. I suppose it can evolve into a pure Water type, but... I don't got much to say about it. I'll mention though that Froakie can learn Quick Attack according to the same trailer I mentioned twice, but it doesn't look fast to me. I was also thinking of Water/Ice, but that is only due to the fact that prior to Gen VI, I made a Fake Pokemon which was Water/Ice. Fans want it to be Water/Fighting, and while I can picture that, I think it should stay as a pure Water type.

Well, that is all I got to say. Tell me what you want~

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  1. Team Gaara's Avatar
    I imagine it learns Rollout due to being based on a hedgehog. Otherwise, I don't really see it becoming Grass/Rock, but is possible. In the first trailer, it used a move that many people believe was Night Slash or another Dark move, suggesting possible Grass/Dark. I think either of those would be cool, but I'm leaning more towards Dark~

    Chespin seems rather unthreatening to evolve into a Grass/Dark-type
    Well, starters don't normally look threatening. Even some Dark-types we have don't look particularly threatening. Purrloin, for instance.

    As for Fennekin, I'm one of those guys who isn't hoping for another Fire/Fighting starter for a fourth time. I see either Fire/Ground, since it is based off of the Fennec Fox or Fire/Psychic, since, like Chespin, it also seemed to used a Psychic looking move in the first trailer, but it could have been anything. As for the actual Pokemon itself, I hope it isn't Kyuubi-like like Ninetales or Vulpix, but I don't anticipate that it is, anyway.

    Now for Froakie, I'm not too sure. Based on the other two, Water/Fighting would make a for the Psy-Dark-Fight triangle to counter the Fire-Grass-Water one which I personally think would be very cool. And I also sort of want it to evolve into a cool toad like the ones in Naruto, so why not Fighting?

    All that said, I wouldn't be bothered if none of them ended up dual-typed. Or at least not Fennekin. But Water and Grass starters seem to get screwed out of secondary types, so I'm hoping for some for them.
    Updated 29th May 2013 at 12:00 PM by Team Gaara
  2. Envoy's Avatar
    Thank god, someone else that doesn't think Fennekin should be Fire/Psychic. I've said it from the start that want/hope it ends up being pure Fire. Fingers crossed.

    I also like the idea of Chespin being Grass/Rock, but I'm not too sure about that one.

    Froakie, I dunno. I guess Water/Fighting's as good a guess as any.
  3. Gaga's Avatar
    I don't want another pure starter or fire/fighting starter evo.

    I'm willing to bet the starters will be water/fighting, grass/dark and fire/psychic given the rumors. And I hope they are. I think two type triangles in one would be beautiful.
  4. L.L.'s Avatar
    More evidence for chespin being rock-grass is that info about says the shell what thing on its head is hard and protects it

    I also read that Froakie could evolve into a water-flying is that it could be based on some mythological frog creature that is associated with wind. It also said the thing on its back resembles a cloud, and it seems to be listening to the wind in its artwork.
  5. Sakuraa's Avatar
    I could see Chespin becoming rock due it it's learing of Rollout and having a hard shell. In the first trailer it looked like it was using a move with resemblance to both Night Slash and Aerial Ace so I'm not really sure, but I'm leaning closer it becoming dark over flying.

    I honestly don't care what Fennekin becomes as long as it's not fire/fighting. I'm not too keen on the idea of it remaining pure fire, but I wouldn't really be upset it that's what it ended up becoming.

    Froakie; I really don't know. There isn't much to hint at a possible second type. I'm thinking it'll remain pure water, but like I said, there's nothing to really support anything.

    As for what I hope they'll become; I'm in that group of people who wants the grass/dark, fire/psychic, and water/fighting trio.
  6. Insomniac's Avatar
    Huh, I never thought of the Grass/Dark, Fire/Psychic, Water/Fighting thing. Even so, I think that is pretty decent~

    And I never thought about Chespin having a hard shell either. Now that I'm reading this, I'm thinking that Chespin will evolve into a Grass/Rock type. I'll also mention that Froakie can apparently jump high, so Water/Flying could work too.
  7. J J M's Avatar
    I wouldn't be surprised if Fennekin evo is a pure Fire-type. Chespin may be pure Grass or something like Grass/Ground. Froakie...Water/Ice?


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