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So, I went to a Pokemon TCG Battle Roads today to meet this new girl that could end up being a romantic interest, and I had an absolute blast. Not only was she an absolute sweetheart and made a deck for me to use, but she helped me with an idea I had for another one of my own and got me a couple key cards I needed for it. Even better yet, I did way better than I expected to do coming back to the game after over a year's worth of hiatus with a completely new and unfamiliar deck (2 wins, 4 losses).


I'll be going to another one tomorrow at another location, where she will be at again.

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  1. Venom's Avatar
    that's great, good luck tomorrow with both the tournament and with your new love interest.
  2. Karamazov's Avatar
    People play the TCG??
  3. Kane Dunestorm's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Contrary
    People play the TCG??
    Indeed they do. There was about 40 people there today all crammed into a small-ish game store.
  4. Kane Dunestorm's Avatar
    So, it went well today, I got the same record but I got to know the deck and metagame better, and my own permanent deck is coming along well too. Also, the girl who pretty much got me into this sneaked in a surprise kiss on my neck (might have been more if I wasn't so much taller than her or I had bent down lower), and we are going to the movies this Wednesday/Thursday, and I've decided to go to league with her every Saturday.
  5. Kane Dunestorm's Avatar
    Update: We're going to the movies on Thursday! Also, since I'm a nice guy and let her choose the movie, we're gonna see The Great Gatsby a more "girly" flick. I don't mind though really, because its spun off of a book that is a literary classic, and the point of the date (or any date, for that matter) is not mainly to enjoy the movie. I mean, its good and all if you can enjoy it, but the most important thing is the person sitting next to you.
  6. Kane Dunestorm's Avatar
    So, the date went really well. So well, that she invited me over afterwards, and I spent the night, she's over at my place and spending the night tonight, and we are now officially a couple.


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