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Kane's Domain

Some sort of weird combination of Star Wars geek, Pokemon Fan, Norse Mythology/Viking enthusiast and Metalhead but it all works out fairly well in the end.

  1. About Hacked Pokemon and Pokemon Bank

    You know how Nintendo said that Pokemon Bank will have a legitimacy checker to check for hacked Pokemon, right? Well, I'm pretty sure that this doesn't automatically mean that all "Hacked" Pokemon will be caught. I'm pretty sure it will just use a system similar to the 5th Gen Wifi Battling check, which, by the way, I managed to get certain PokeGenned Pokemon into. As an fyi, these were ones that I created, that for all intents and purposes were pretty indistinguishable from one I caught ...
  2. So, it's quite obvious...

    So it's quite obvious that nobody cares about my real life drama, so I'm just gonna post mainly Pokemon stuff here, and nothing related to what's going on in my life. That being said, I figured I might as well offer me 3DS Friend Code to anyone who wants it for X and Y.

    It is...

    4983 - 5814 - 6366
    Mii Name: Kane
    Name of Character in Y: Kane

    I have beaten the main storyline so I have a team ready for battles and can breed eggs using ditto, among ...
  3. Goddammit, why does this keep happening to me?

    So I had to break up with my girlfriend today because she was cheating on me. Now, granted, it wasn't the typical physical type, but more emotional, but it was cheating no less, and it feels exactly the same.

    It really hurts, because before hand I would have had no idea that she would do something like that because, well... she seemed so perfect... I guess it was all too good to be true.

    In my usual fashion, I wrote a poem/song to help me cope, but it still stings. :( ...
  4. Warning: Feels Incoming

    So, my favorite month of the year, October, is nearly upon us. My favorite month used to be the month I was born, July.

    However for the last couple of years it has been surrounded by nothing but tragedy and disappointment, especially around my birthday. Now July is just a month where the weather outside is miserable, but I'm miserable because I'm reminded of the shit that's happened in July.

    October, on the other hand, is filled with some good experiences, the weather is ...
  5. So I saw this hilarious image...

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