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The DragonKnight

The Pokemon Playthrough - Post #1

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Hello all! I am The DragonKnight, DK for short. I am new to BMGf, but not to Pokemon or Pokemon forums.

Me, Koult45 (aka Colt), and Chief KazamiNator (aka Nator) have thought of a game. In this game, we will be doing a Playthrough of FireRed / LeafGreen on Pokemon Showdown with a TON of changes.

The rules:

DK: Cyndaquil / Staryu / Cottonee / Eevee / Axew / Beldum
Colt: Treecko / Elekid / Ferroseed / Litwick / Eevee / Bagon
Nator: Charmander / Tranpinch / Tyrogue / Rotom / Porygon / Beldum

First Rival Battles:
DK vs Nator
Colt vs DK
Nator vs Colt

Gym Battles against the first Gym - Brock:

Nator's Gym Challenge:
First try
Second try

Colt's Gym Challenge:
First try

DK's Gym Challenge:
First try
Second try


Level 16 - Charmeleon
Level 13 - Tranpinch

Level 16 - Grovyle
Level 15 - Elekid

Level 18 - Quilava
Level 13 - Staryu


That's all for now. We will update after each Gym Battle.

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Updated 24th April 2013 at 12:47 PM by The DragonKnight

The Pokemon Playthrough


  1. Fletchling's Avatar
    This thing sucks. Who came up with this terrible idea?
  2. Konstantinos's Avatar
    You should give it a try, since it looks like it's totally simulator-based.
  3. Fletchling's Avatar
    Also, you forgot that my Treecko evolved into Grovyle, DK.


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