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Chief KazamiNator

Light Type > Fairy Type

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by , 22nd April 2013 at 03:00 AM (1201 Views)
So, as all of you may or may not know, there are heavy rumors circling that the "Fairy" type is to be introduced for upcoming titles X and Y. What do I think of this?
Bad move.
When I hear that type, I automatically think; My Little Pony. I know Pokemon is aimed toward children, but good grief! Are we going to be getting a Y rating now as opposed to Y7? What would be considered a fairy besides Clefairy and Togetic? Sure, they could create new fairies, but in order to catch up to par with other types, literally half the dex (at least) would have to be Fairy type. What would fairies even be effective against? Any ideas?
On the contrary, if Light types were introduced instead, it would balance the competitive field out even more. How so?
Effective against Dark, Ghost, and Electric. Sableye and Spiritomb would no longer be invincible, and Electric types (as much as I adore them) would have a secondary weakness. Now before you go off and say "Dark is technically Evil type according to Japan's typing", has it ever occurred to you that Light could be considered "Good" over there? Either way, it's a synonym we're looking at, which makes perfect sense no matter how you look at it.
I grew up on the first gen wagon, and I'm all for a new type, just not something as uncreative as "Fairy".
What next? A dinosaur type? A fish type? Or maybe the Bird type will become a reality?
Light is a type that should've been introduced long ago. And FYI, Psychic or Fighting are not anything close to Light. Psychic has no effect on Dark, so how is that light? Fighting is physical, Light leans more on the special side.
If there is a type that resembles Light, it's Electric, and even then, it's not the same thing. Light is a component of electricity, as is Fire. Also, Just think, the ground is one giant rock(s), yet we have both Ground and Rock types. Ice is just frozen water, yet we have Ice and Water. So, tell me, what exactly would be wrong with the Light type? Nothing. You just won't take five minutes out of your day to memorize a new typing. Back in the day, we had to memorize Dark and Steel, and that was TWO new types introduced at the time. I understand that was to balance the OPness of Psychic, but the way I see it, Light would balance the playing field to perfection. Fairy type could potentially worsen it. On top of that, I play Pokemon for Pokemon, not for Charlie the Unicorn and/or pony shows.
I'd rather no new type at all over adding the Fairy type. What I want ultimately, though, is the Light type to be incorporated. Change is never a bad thing if utilized correctly, which I strongly believe it will be. We're too far in the series for Game Freak to mess majorly mess up, competitively speaking.
That all said, what's your take on a new type? Are you for Light types or Fairy types. Maybe both? Neither?
Your opinion will be respected as long as mine is. Feel free to share your view and intake.

Until next blog,
Chief KazamiNator
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  1. Maxite's Avatar
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    I feel that a Fairy-type could easily work without it being overly childish. In fact, I could easily see it being quite an interesting and amazing type.

    Take a look at the Dragon-type. At face value, it's a seemingly bland idea: just dragons. Except that there is a lot of variety in how dragons are perceived, or can even be conceived. While there exist obvious draconic influences (e.g. Salamence), there have also existed non-obvious influences (e.g. Kingdra).

    As a result, I don't feel that the Fairy-type would be overwhelmed with cuteness, especially since "Fairy" is quite the diverse phrase. There are a myriad of fairy-like creatures. There could be Fairy/Water mermaids, Fighting/Fairy elves, and Fire/Fairy genies. Sure there would be some incorporation of the current fairy-like Pokemon to give it some population and help keep it on par in terms of population with the other types, but otherwise I could see it becoming a viable and beloved type of its own.

    In terms of Light perfecting the field: Doubtful. A perfectly balanced field would be bland. A lot of the intrigue comes from the fact that some types are more offensive, others are more defensive. At best what new types would do is simply adjust the balance so that some types are now favored over others.
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  2. Bishie Karis-chan's Avatar
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    Fairy type doesn't make me think MLP, it makes me think YGO. ._.

    What next? A dinosaur type? A fish type?
    This doesn't help, either. XD
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  3. The Outrage's Avatar
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    People who think fairies refer to a very restricted range of creatures or think they're lame do not know how bad ass the fair folk can be.

    Read up

    Though, being characterized by "supernatural powers" doesn't really make that much sense since that would allow nearly every Pokemon to be placed there.
  4. Reila's Avatar
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    Fairy-type >>> Light-type. Sound, Mystic and almost every other "possible" new type is also more than Light. The concept of a Light-type is so dull, there is absolutely no need for it when we have Electric, Psychic and Fighting types.
    Updated 22nd April 2013 at 10:00 AM by Reila
  5. Zexy's Avatar
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    I can't see why people call Light "dull" because it could be a regular type that lots of fanfictions/hack use.
    What's the real difference of "Fairy" if it has the same chart reactions with "Light"?

    BTW, I don't think Fairy is plausible as a type, rumors are just rumors. Learn to not trust them.
  6. Shiny Celebi's Avatar
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    There are a lot of different kinds of Fairies. I can sort of see a Fairy type happening, I know these are just rumors but it's something I can see happening. I dont see Light type happening really, Light seems to be represented by Fighting(which fights honorably where as Dark uses dirty tricks) Sound maybe but I dunno, Mystic is something I might see instead of Fairy, and seems like it would encompass a lot of different concepts.
  7. TheMissingno.'s Avatar
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    I don't really care what they call the new time as long as the people who think Sylveon is a flying type get to be wrong.
  8. Luna Tiger's Avatar
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    Fighting is physical
    ....yeah, no. Aura says hello. *which is a fighting concept, not a psychic one*
  9. CrackFox's Avatar
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    It does sound a bit far fetched, even for Pokemon. I'm sure fairy-types will make a lot of little girls happy though, maybe that's the point.
  10. Akromatic's Avatar
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    Well... we have a Fairy type now.