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  1. The Milestone

    Welp, I achieved one thousand posts in a matter of under five months. Depending on life, this should mean I could very well reach 2500 posts by my one year anniversary. Then again, to be fair, I wasn't all that active until a couple months in, so I'm thinking close to 3000 posts. We'll see.

    That is all.
  2. The Many Wonders of Parental Bond

    For those who missed out, MegaKangaskhan was revealed earlier today, and has the new ability Parental Bond. This allows attacks to hit twice in one turn. I decided to go over Kangaskhan's entire movepool (including TMs, egg moves, tutor moves, and Gen IV/Gen III moves) and I am very curious to see how some moves would work with this ability.
    First of all, let's go over moves that would be very destructive and/or beneficial in battle (provide it Kangaskhan has a max Attack stat).
  3. Thoughts On Each "Mega" Pokemon Revealed So Far

    Earlier today, CoroCoro revealed that there are now "MegaPokemon", which pretty much means Pokemon with an alternate form. These, however, are no ordinary forms. Some have a different typing and/or ability. I'm going to give my thoughts on each individual Mega Pokemon, and this will blog will be edited as more new ones are revealed.
    First, let's start with what CoroCoro has showcased thus far:

    1. MegaMewtwo
    This was originally known as "Awakened Mewtwo", ...
  4. George Zimmerman - Closure

    I'm aware it's been a week since the verdict was read, and that it would've been more appropriate to do this sooner, but as they say; better late than never. I'm gonna give my closing and complete honest thoughts on the whole Zimmerman case. Some of you reading this now may or may not have seen my opinion on this in certain thread posts I wrote in last week. If you don't know, this is what this blog is for. I'm gonna give my full thoughts on why Zimmerman defending himself was justified (meaning ...

    Updated 20th July 2013 at 10:59 PM by Karamazov

  5. Fairy Type Advantages, Disadvantages, Weaknesses, and Resistances Predictions

    Well, as the title says; these are just more or less Fairy type predictions of what its advantages, disadvantages, weaknesses, and resistances will be.


    Dragon (as we already know)
    Normal (fairies have the ability to either aid or abuse normality. Competitively speaking, they would take advantage and abuse Normal types. Besides, wouldn't hurt Normal to have a second weakness).
    Ghost (fairies have the ability to repel supernatural powers) ...
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