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Joy and Jenny's name...

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So I was doing some reading and found out that the DP anime proposed the idea of the names "Joy" and "Jenny" being surnames, and not first names as many of us thought. Now before this I had used the idea of Joy/Jenny as surnames as a means of separating game from story, and reducing the confusion of all of them being named the same. But now it's not headcanon anymore, it's canon.

But when I think about it more, I realize that the idea of Joy/Jenny being last names was so very obvious, and I am embarrassed that it didn't hit me before. What I mean is, they are called "Nurse Joy" and "Officer" Jenny".

Imagine you have a nurse. Let's say her name is...Abigail Baxter. Now, with that in mind, how exactly do you think she would be addressed? Would people call her "Nurse Abigail" or "Nurse Baxter"? More than likely the second, at least by patients at the hospital or superiors. And the same would be true for Jenny. I mean aren't most police officers referred to by their rank and surname? I mean among close friends, it would be the first name, but otherwise...

I feel like an idiot for that not dawning on me before that.

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  1. Jack Pschitt's Avatar
    All my life I never came up with this possibility...
  2. reynard's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Jack Pschitt
    All my life I never came up with this possibility...
    I know. I feel like an idiot. I wonder if by pure coincidence other parts of my headcanon for them will become canon. Namely that the Joys are an old and very important family to Pokemon medicine, either helping to establish the basics of modern Pokemon medicine, or were heavily involved in the creation of Pokemon Centers (since they all work in the profession and are all the head of the Center). I mean you can have a family of doctors. And I think the same of the Jennys, since you can also have a family of cops.
  3. MizuTaipu's Avatar
    You're only really talking about the dub in Jenny's case.
  4. reynard's Avatar
    ^Still... it makes sense.


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