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  1. SEGA The Dream Fighters: Part 14: Vyse, Beat, and Ulala's Levels

    These are the home stages of Vyse, Beat, and Ulala

    Delphinus - Skies of Arcadia

    Stage Theme 1: Skies of Arcadia: Delphinus. However when the Valuan Fleet arrive, the Skies of Arcadia: Military Facility Dungeon theme plays!

    Stage Theme 2: A medley of Skies of Arcadia: Dungeon Battle and Skies of Arcadia: Ship Deck Battle.

    It's the Delphinus from Skies of Arcadia! During the fight, the Delphinus flies past various locales from the game...sometimes, ...
  2. Pokemon I want to get Mega forms!

    Hoenn mostly, since we're going there.

    But that is just one of the many pokemon that I want to be able to mega evolve in Hoenn. Here are some of my own ideas:

    Torkoal (Fire) --> Mega Torkoal (Fire/Steel)
    Increased stats focusing on attack, defense, and special defense
    Gains Battle Armor

    Updated 11th August 2014 at 01:44 AM by Karamazov

  3. Help Me Create a PS3 Game Library!

    So yesterday I had a weird date with destiny (as in fate, not the upcoming Activision game *buh-dum-tssh*) that basically ended with me purchasing a PS3 this weekend. This is the first non-Nintendo console I've ever owned since the Dreamcast (#memreez), and while I know about some popular PS3 games I don't know as much about the PlayStation library as I do about the Nintendo library. (Sorry Microsoft, I still don't see a need to purchase an XBox anytime soon.) Soooo let me know which game(s) you ...
  4. Clemont's Got a Secret the Musical! and Florida

    Last night I downloaded the Pokémon episodes Clemont's Got a Secret! and Awakening the Sleeping Giant! to my iPad Mini from my Purchased episodes list on iCloud ready to watch on the train journey from London to York this evening. When I watched Awakening the Sleeping Giant! I found that the episode wasn't downloaded properly and the music and the images were playing but the voices weren't so I decided to delete it and try to redownload it but I couldn't redownload it because I needed a Wi-Fi connection ...

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  5. PMD Preferences


    I go to university in about a week, which has meant that the last few weeks have been utter chaos. But I've still gotten things done. I read a book predicting the geopolitics of the next few decades, The Illiad, a brief guide to Navajo culture, and a dreadful historical fiction novel because the Amazon store and my local library had nothing better on the Maori.

    But onto this blog's title. Vaira will have three central characters, all of whom are outsiders connected ...
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