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Pokemon anime and manga

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This was post in reply to a thread comparing the anime and various manga of Pokemon. Just thought I would keep a record of it here because it turned out to be quite a nostalgia-ridden post after all. And it held some of my thoughts as a long-time fan of the franchise.

Hmm personally I don't think direct comparison is possible, since they're all really different.

I used to read Pokemon Special (Adventures) back in CoroCoro before I started watching the anime, (and wow that was like 15 years ago now that I think about it,) and after a while I also bought a few volumes of Electric Tale of Pikachu (the one with very revealing art) and Pocket Monsters (the one with a talking Clefairy.)

The anime is mainly directed at really young kids. I really enjoyed as a kid back then, and although some episodic stories don't flow so well from time to time (by my current standards,) it had never been a problem back then. And then recently I watched a bit of the latest episodes from Black and White, although Ash does make Pokemon-game-players infuriating at times because seriously, Quick Attack on a Steel-type??? but then again I do notice they have begun trying to follow the games much more than ever, which is very interesting to see.

Pokemon Special is simply my childhood. Up until volume 9 or so, I have always enjoyed and appreciated the fantastic art by Mato-sensei. Unfortunately, she contracted an illness which left her unable to draw since then, not sure if it was coincidental or not, I also began to stop reading the manga from then on. Something about her art is very, very heart-warming. The story line is also more than superb. Though much more mature at certain instances, it was also a fit for read when I was around 8 years old. Probably the most mind-engraving scene was when Koga's Arbok got chopped in half. However, it wasn't the gore that stood out to me, but the turn of events. Now that I'm older and I actually think deeper into the story and the setting, I really want to commend the author on relating his manga back to the game so perfectly well. It was a very immersible world that I came to love. Not to mention the really really cute art.

The Electric Tale of Pikachu is a very different manga. It put somewhat more emphasis on the fantastical aspect of the world rather than the Pokemon themselves in a sense. Examples include the technology and building designs. The humour is very different (partly thanks to a different style of art) and also slightly "ecchi" or "perverted" jokes which is passable in a non-Western community even for kids lol (since honestly, Weekly Shounen JUMP is just as bad.) Though I was more than conscious of the hot-spring scene with Misty, or her attire during the gym battle with Ash, the defining moment had to be the event with Sabrina and the gigantic Haunter. Now that was actually totally impressionable. It was dramatic to read as a kid. This is a completely different Pokemon world they portray here. And a completely different style of manga, whether in art, cover art, underside cover art, humour, story, development of story... They all taken a very different approach to the conventional "Pokemon."

Pocket Monsters is just a blast to read. Yet again, different style of art and humour, and the approach on writing the story line. It's reminiscence of your typical episodic comedy series in Shounen manga magazines, only with a Pokemon setting. The humour is exactly what you'd expect in those mags, and personally these types of comedy never grow old. Yet when you read it, you don't want to read it as a Pokemon manga. You want to read it as a comedy manga with Pokemon cameo, that's the mindset I would suggest to people. Because right down to it, as mentioned before, it's a comedy using Pokemon to tell jokes, rather than Pokemon using a story to portray a world.

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