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Skuntank's Journey: Part #06

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by , 21st October 2013 at 03:59 PM (534 Views)
I thought it would be nice to post a short wrap-up to my little series.

So, I obviously defeated Wulfric by now. He was kind of a push-over, like he said himself. He ended up spamming his Full Restores on his Avalugg, so that was pretty annoying. Anyways, I made it all the way to the E4 and beat the Champion. The sad thing is, it was not much of a challenge, and my Pokemon were only 8 levels higher when I started the E4. By the time I was battling the Champion, they were only about 2 levels higher. Still a bit high I guess, but meh...

I'm still doing small post-game content now, which includes Looker's Training and the Battle Chateau. I am starting a Mega Evolution project soon, which I think I may post a blog on soon. So yeah, that will be kind of fund.

If you had read all my blogs in this little series, than thanks. Hope ya enjoyed XY as much as I did!

~ Skuntank.

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  1. PyroPokeman's Avatar
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    Eh, the Elite Four was alright, fairly easy until the Dragon one, and Mega Gardevoir was hard to take down.
  2. BigBadBatter's Avatar
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    I found mega gardevpor easy. Spamming yveltal dark pulse
  3. Mikes Gardevoir's Avatar
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    • permalink
    Now I can't wait to beat the Elite 4 to get the Gardevoirite xD anyways yeah Wulfric was easy for me because I had a Blaziken and Charizard so he had no chance at all.


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