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It's Amazing...

Rate this Entry rude people can be. I joined Pokemon Showdown yesterday, and I've created a few teams and I'm doing pretty decent. Let it be known that I've only entered two Wi-Fi Tournaments, both of which I was horrible at. I did a bit of searching and battle watching and I've tried to compile some decent teams, all of which are doing pretty good. To get to the point though, it's amazing when you have jerks that criticize your moves. I've had 3~4, but I only screenied one;

It's even more annoying when they're Outrage spammers or use multiple legendaries on their team, like this guy. I was using my mono Poison team while he was using 2 legendaries, 1 psuedo legendary, and 3 other decent Pokemon. It's just amazing how rude people can be, especially over Pokemon.

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  1. Delsin Rowe's Avatar
    This is why I avoid those sites like a plaque.
  2. Isaac Gravity's Avatar
    It's obnoxious, yes and the norm, but you kinda get used to this behavior in online play period. Bad enough you deal with min-maxers with cookie cutter builds but using their anonymity to further be asses in victory or defeat about the matter makes it all the more frustrating.

    Even though there's plenty of positives and incentive to go in and keep at it, like FullMetal, I tend to avoid areas like that since having my fun (and keeping it that way) is too important to me. But good luck to you all the same.
  3. Reila's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by FullMetal
    This is why I avoid those sites like a plaque.
    That is what I was going to post. Not only those sites, but I try to avoid multi-player online in most games I play. I just can't stand rudeness.
  4. Lugiafanatic's Avatar
    I assume this was on the Main/Smogon server? There are other servers which are better.


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