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As I was pondering over the new anime news, I started to think about the possibilities if Serena had Fletching. First off, because she has a Fire type, there is no need for her to have Fennekin, which means that she'll probably go with Chespin. Because Ash than wouldn't have the regional bird, he would also have to have a different Fire type on his team. While he could have Fennekin, he's most likely going to have Froakie, and I don't think the writers are going to give him for than one this time around. (At least 2 for sure). I think that it's more likely though to give Fennekin to Ash's rival, which will allow it to be showcased often even though it's not apart of the main cast.

So, what Fire type will Ash has? Well the only remaining Fire type revealed is Litleo/Pyroar, which is something I that I think would pair up with Ash nicely. Now of course, he could have a Fire typ that's never been revealed, but... Besides the starter, two have already been revealed so far, which means that 0~3 lines have the possibility of coming out.

Not including legendary Pokemon or starters, Gen I had five fire type lines. Gen II had two, Gen III also had two, Gen IV had 0, and Gen V had five. Gen I and Gen V were both considered to be "starting/new" regions (whatever you want to call them). They had no other Gen Pokemon in their first games, and had about 150 Pokemon in their regional dex. It's a bit of a stretch, but there is somewhat of a pattern. Two fire type Pokemon besides the starter have been introduced in Gen VI, just like Gen II. This leads me to believe that Gen VI will introduce no more normal Fire type Pokemon. Also, with the introduction of the Fairy type and most likely a smaller region dex, there won't be room for a surplus of Fire types.

But of course Fletching could just be a random pet and not be Serena's which would prove my theory all wrong. (Except for the no more Fire type Pokemon in the Kalos Dex. I'm quite confident about that.)


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  1. Hoopa's Avatar
  2. Robo-Floatzel's Avatar
    I don't think she will have Fletchling, as Ash always catches the regional bird for whatever reason. For a while on many threads I said that it's pretty clear that Serena is getting Fennekin, she just looks like the kind of person that would own one.
  3. Reila's Avatar
    I don't think Ash will catch the bird. Yeah, he always catch the regional birds, but he also never caugth a Dark-type before BW, so things change. Also, Charizard will likely appear a lot in XY.


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