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My blog filled with doodles and dreams~

Well this is awkward >.>

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Um... Hello welcome to my blog filled with doodles and dreams ^^

Uh.. Well I haven't posted on this site for awhile and I know not many people know me but I am back nonetheless and we can gradually build up from here! Right?

Well anyway I have had a very exhausting last few months with school, friends and family. But anyway all that aside it's the winter break so I can kind of chill out and enjoy. But lots of amazing things happened >3< Da... Dum... Da.. Dum..

1. I saved a little kitten stranded on a tree >3< It was so adorable~~
2. So I started to actually think about what I want to do once I grow up and found the perfect resolution to that. I am quite good when it comes to debating so I decided to work towards becoming a lawyer. It just thrills me every time I think about it ^^
3. I finally came to a conclusion for the 'best friend' thing and I think I made the best decision. Well I guess you might say "You're just 13 what do you know about love?" Yeah and that's true but it still is hard and it still hurts the same. Anyhow I decided to just tell him full on about how I feel. I'm just not ready for a relationship >3<

Well thank you for reading my blog~ That's all for today Sayounara ^~^

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    Hello, and nice to meet you!
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