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Teapot Salty

Kingdra vs Gyarados

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by , 23rd June 2013 at 02:09 PM (386 Views)
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Hey guys, this is my first thread and I thought I'd start it with a vs. Alright so we have the the two undersea dragons. Ironically the more dragon looking one is part flying. Kingdra features balanced stats and a great movepool, well Gyarados features high attack and two great abilities. Each one has the same bst. Which do you like better? Who has the better design? Who would win in a fight.

Personally I love Kingdra, but I have to many good memories of shredding my competitive opponents with Gyarados, so it gets my vote.

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  1. L.L.'s Avatar
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    My bet is on a dragon dance Gyarados with thrash or another physical move like it. If it can learn dragon tail, we have winner.
  2. Ranger Jack Walker's Avatar
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    ^Thrash is useless and Dragon Tail has negative priority so no, neither of those moves would be even remotely useful on a Dragon DAnce Gyarados.


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