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RUMOUR: Pokemon Plus/Minus Starter Name Speculation

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by , 8th January 2014 at 02:26 PM (1636 Views)
Yada ywaaada yada introduction!

I love every single rumoured detail about Plus and Minus. Screw Gen 6. Let Hoenn have it. I must have the fairy motorcycle goat in Sinnoh!!!

But let's get down to the point of this blog. I am bored. Very bored. So I will guess name for this (hopefully legit) game.

Region: Seiyso Region (From Kar seiysla, Thai for Sacrifice, referring to the evil team wanting to sacrifice your friend to awaken the legend and invoke the old ways of bonding with a single Pokemon from birth to death.

Grass Starter: Zapling -> ??? -> Multipalm (Zapling refers to it's final evolutions status as a Grass/Electric Pokemon. Multipalm refers to its many faces on leaves. I believe by petals he meant leaves, as he seems to use a lot of Engrish and autocorrect mishaps. Like the 'leap for a face'. I think he means leaf. 0_o)

Fire Starter: Pyroat-> ??? -> Sapyre (Pyroat is pretty straight forward. Pyro + Goat, which is a root word for many words connecting to fire, like Pyrokinesis or Pyrotechnic. Sapyre is a combination of a type of magical goat-men in Greek mythology, referring to its Fairy-Type and goatliness. Pyre means 'large fire'. Wait? Delphox? Sapyre? New pattern that lasts until Gen VII-the Fire-Type starter is Greek :p. Yes, I realise that the leaker doesn't imply its bipedal, but eh. Goats can be goats.)

Water Starter: Vasea -> ??? -> Balansea (Vase + Sea, Balance + Sea. Simple but sweet. I'm getting Kappa vibes off the description. Kappas re humanoid in shape, and have a 'plate' on their heads that they must keep full by balancing. Of course the plate is replaced by a jar, but still. This'd keep up with the tradition of starters being based off living things, though if Plus/Minus are real, this opens it up to mythical creatures and pure plants.)

G'night folks. Wait? Are you asking if this is all? Yes. I do have a life ;p

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  1. Bolt the Cat's Avatar
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    The only parts of the rumor I really want to happen are the hybrid home/handheld console and the MMOlike environment for the mainland gameplay. Although a Fire/Fairy starter would be nice.
  2. Garren's Avatar
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    It's definitely fake, even if such games were in development, I highly doubt we'd have this much specific information leaked from an English source.

    Although I do think it's highly possible the next Nintendo System will merge hand-held + console, the other day I even came up with an idea for it called the Nintendo Us (Unified System).
  3. Phoenixphlare's Avatar
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    It's definitely fake but the story seemed really cool
  4. Karamazov's Avatar
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    Please don't start your blog with big-ass text, it's kind of distracting and obtrusive.

    I like the idea of the evil team. Them being an evil team is stupid, but adding their thoughts into a region's culture or mythology would be great. Most of the fake rumor has garbage, but I liked that part.


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