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Animal Crossing: New Leaf Diary Day 9: Taking a Trip

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by , 18th June 2013 at 12:22 AM (2285 Views)

Ah, that new house smell.

The first room of my house is completely upgraded now. Next I believe Nook moves on to giving me a second floor. Which means more space to hoard my items! Or maybe I should try to come up with a theme for my house.

My house is pretty terrible right now either way. With the Nooklings refusing to expand their store to give me a carpet selection, I've been stuck with this default floor for about a week now. I've gotten a couple wallpapers and carpets from other villagers, but none of them have really matched as well as these two did. I sure wish the Nooklings would upgrade. It's awful how time-locked everything is. But I guess it keeps you anticipating the next day at least.

Depression sets in when I cross the bridge next to my house. The two fruit trees I planted didn't survive the night. I knew there was some reason why none of the trees I saw were that close to the river. I plant flowers in the places of both trees in their memory.

Today I received mail from four villagers I sent letters to the other day: Bettina, Miranda, Anchovy, and Pango. Here was each of their responses:

Oh wow um.....thanks I guess?

Villagers really go nuts over these letters by the way. They won't stop showing me them and saying, "See here? This is the first letter you ever gave me!" I didn't think they'd keep track.

Miranda's letter makes me think that maybe she was talking behind my back the other day. She had asked me then whether I believed that rumor that she was gossiping about me was true. I think I've found the source of the "happy tourist" and "freshman mayor" rumors. That darn duck...

This was a surprising response because I remember saying nothing but "GET OUT OF TOWN" in my letter. I don't understand Bettina.

Today's fortune:

I made a wild guess that it was a Super Mushroom from Mario, and it turns out I was right. Nice. It sits in your room, and makes the power-up sound effect whenever you touch it.

Market Watch:

Oh hell no.

For reference, I bought my turnips at 102 bells each. No sale today lady.

I stop by the Town Hall to do my daily mayor work and decide to check out what the citizens think of the town so far:

Aww yeah.

I'm pleased because it seems that it's improved quite a bit from where it last was. This was an irritating tidbit though:

Oh really?

I don't see any of those cheapo villagers putting in on these public works projects, so they have no room to talk. Also, Isabelle limits me to one PWP a day, so it's not like I'm not doing my best despite the limitations. Those rotten animals...

Fence Celebration. And despite me talking about it yesterday I did not get any gardening done inside here today. Whoops.

Today I'm putting a fountain smack dab in the front of the train station entrance. It won't look like much tomorrow, but I want to spread a bunch of flowers around it to make it look nice.

Lionel, I have yet to see a contribution from you for “our” collection.

Miranda is also the first to come explore my recently expanded home, and she seems to like it. For some reason Bettina, Fang and Miranda were so "surprised" to see my home, as if they expected something completely different. I'm not sure whether to take this negatively or positively.

Today Paula has moved into town. The bright blond hair the bear has kind of throws me off. She doesn't have much to say today, but neither do I. She didn't move on top of my orchards or flowers so for that I am thankful.

Today I went to the island and gave Club Tortimer a shot. You can buy the membership for 50 medals and with it you can go to the island with random people from all over the world. The first time I tried no one came. The second time I tried I found a Japanese guy who was just standing there and wouldn't talk or anything. The third time's the charm I guess, as I met a girl from the United Kingdom.

BONDING….with humans!

We didn't really talk much. We just nabbed the fruit off the trees, went fishing and swimming and played minigames. The Usual. I've heard people interacting with creepy people in Club Tortimer, but this girl was nice. I accidentally screwed us over in one of the minigames, but she didn't seem to mind. Before I could get her FC something weird happened with the connection and the next thing I knew she was gone and someone else was here instead. Darn.

With the explorer in me raging, I visited one of my friend's towns: the town of Cheren.

Pekoe is so adorable. And her house is amazing.

She was a little further along than I was (That's Time Travel for you.). She even had the mart instead of that stupid Nookling Junction shack that is still hanging out in my town. One of the villagers named Truffles was also playing one of my favorite K.K. songs, Two Days Ago. Man I miss K.K. Hopefully I can unlock him soon.

I brought her some clothes, and I got to grab some peaches. Now all I need is cherries and I'll have every fruit possible. We both played some minigames, which our expertise varied at. She was adept at fishing, but I just wanted to smack stuff and run around. I also ransacked her island shop because it had silver axes. I bought 5 only because I didn't have enough room for any more. Leif had refused to sell me any axes for 2 days straight now and I wasn't going to wait any longer for my gardening. Leif is secretly evil under that happy smile...

Visiting other people’s towns is particularly fun because it’s almost like you have a whole new world to explore. Now if only my wi-fi would cooperate…

That's all for today. Tomorrow I believe the final villager will set up his/her stakes in Tartarus. Here's to hoping for someone good.

Uh-huh. By the way, I hurt his feelings today when I told him his new clothes looked "Just fine" (He also changed back into his old clothes). He didn't have to take it that way. Anchovy is so sensitive.

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  1. Yato's Avatar
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    The town of Cheren? where is it I'm paying a visit once I get the game

    So you can connect to the Wi-fi and play with other users across the world?
  2. Miss Mew's Avatar
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    Yep! I'm working on a dream suite myself. (PLEASE, if you're visiting, bring about, oh, 200,000 bells for it. My villagers are lazy...)
  3. Reila's Avatar
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    How do you take these screenshots?
  4. Xita's Avatar
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    Quote Originally Posted by Spectrum Achromatic
    The town of Cheren? where is it I'm paying a visit once I get the game

    So you can connect to the Wi-fi and play with other users across the world?
    Yup, you can. Only through the island though.

    @Reila: Press L + R.
  5. Reila's Avatar
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