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Animal Crossing: New Leaf Diary Day 8: Stalk Market

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by , 17th June 2013 at 01:42 AM (2594 Views)

Last night I traded out all my random flowers for some white roses. I also bought this red door. Hopefully I can paint my roof red soon to match.

It's storming today, so this looks like a job for a busted umbrella! After a little chat with Leonardo about immature guys who sword fight with umbrellas, I set out on the hunt for Joan. Joan is a boar who roams around your town every Sunday from 6am to 12pm. She sells turnips in bunches of 10. You should try buying as many turnips as you can to play the "stalk market." Yup. Buy low and sell high. Reese at Re-Tail buys turnips that change at 12pm and are sold every day except Sunday. You want to sell them at the price that gives you the best profit, but you also want to sell the turnips before they go rotten. It's a risky game, which is why I've never been into buying into buying turnips from her. But for the sake of the diary, let's do it.

I noticed last night that the darkness made the flag pretty hard to see. I took a better shot of it today.

Joan must not want my money, because it takes a ridiculously long time to find her. I run into Fang, who asks to come to my house. I set the time for about 1:30pm, giving me a couple hours to play around until then.

And it looks like someone moved into town:

Well not really moved. They just set up the campsite.

Inside I am greeted by a black horse with red eyes, an empty room and creepy music on the radio. His name is Roscoe, and he seems nice. Everything but his speech told me he was bad news though. And he is. Later I challenged him to a game of rock-paper-scissors and he beat me and took my shovel! That jerk. I didn't want him to come to my town anyway.

Hiding from me huh…

I finally find Joan hanging out by a cliff behind some trees. Good grief, I had been searching for her for about 15 minutes at that point. I bought about 100 turnips from her for about 102 bells a bunch. That's actually on the low side, but I wasn't feeling too risky today. I'll buy more when I have more money to spare.

Today's fortune:

No clue what this was, but I was pumped when Tommy told me it was the Pipe with the Piranha Plant from Mario Bros. As soon as I have room, this baby is going in my house. Speaking of houses my next house upgrade should be here by tomorrow. It was supposed to be done yesterday, but apparently Tom Nook can't put in a new door and put space in my house at the same time. Geez.


At the Able Sisters my fears from the other day were confirmed: Sable wishes she had another set of claws around, even though their sister is currently working with them! Even worse, Mabel spells her own sister's name wrong! Oh my Arceus, their family problems were worse than I thought. If only there was some way I could help.

Back in town, it's time to belatedly celebrate the construction of our bridge:

To be honest, those poppers looked like they were going straight toward my face. I'm glad my eyes were closed here.

It's about the same text as last time, except I said "Onward to the next project!" with a determined look on my face. A mayor's work never stops, as I began the next Public Works Project right after that. This time it's a fence because I want to do some gardening.

Heh, Isabelle's look on her face when I fell into a pitfall was priceless. She was so scared.

Isabelle was so picky about the placement though. I had to redo my plans numerous times because it was so close to the train station or someone's house. Come on, Isabelle, I'm sure they'd be cool with having a next door garden. The donation goal is only a mere 49,800 bells, so I pay that off immediately. I can't wait to start hybridizing.

Also, I'm doing a little garden work outside the fence:

To add a little perspective, this is my map layout: (Sorry for crappy quality)

If you look in the top left, there's a path leading to a beach right next to my house. I'm calling this area Mayor's Private Beach, since it's so out of the way that the villagers aren't seen down there very often. In the spur of the moment, I decided to make a path to this beach in yellow tulips. It's coming along nicely because I can just steal the flowers I want in the minigames at the island. It should be complete in a few more days.

That face...I can't take it. For the curious, the reference is this.

I've heard stories of villagers ditching players when it comes to meeting at the agreed-upon time, but I had a good feeling Fang wouldn't do that. I'm not quite sure where our friendship is at though when he says things like this:

Does he really think that poorly of me?

He doesn't say much else, but he thanks me for letting him over. It was a good visit. I think.

Otherwise, the villagers are some pretty dirty gossipers. Apparently the word going around town now is that I'm a "happy tourist". I hear this from several villagers today, and none of them can tell me what this means. Last time I was gossiped about, the word was that I was a "freshman mayor," which isn't really wrong I suppose. But "happy tourist" makes no sense. Also, Bettina seems to be a hot topic of gossip, as she is almost always paired up with someone else when a villager is talking about other villagers. Tartarus's villagers are quite the crazy evil bunch. They can't come to her birthday party, but they care enough to talk about her behind her back!

That's all for today. Tomorrow we'll start some gardening and gaze at our upgraded house. I wish it was tomorrow already.

Holy crap. There exists a side of Pango I've never seen before. And I've noticed that all the villagers really enjoy picking on Anchovy. Poor guy.
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