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Animal Crossing: New Leaf Diary Day 7: Bugging Off

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by , 16th June 2013 at 02:52 AM (2695 Views)

No real changes today. The chimney is a nice touch I didn't really notice before though.

At last, the day has arrived. The first holiday/festival of the game so far: The Bug-Off! But first, our new neighbor has moved in.

I don't think villagers can skate in this game.

It's a cute little tiger named Leonardo. After looking him up, he's apparently been out of the series since the original Animal Crossing on the 64 (The Japan-only one). I wanted to keep my new villager streak going, but technically Leonardo is new to AC in North America. So the streak lives on! As the quote above shows, he's a little weird, which means he'll fit right in here in Tartarus.

After walking around for a bit, I come across a sea lion named Phineas. At first he seems like a nice guy rambling on about nature. But then he says this:


And now I'm severely creeped out. "Good girl?" I am the Mayor of Tartarus! I'm an adult! Considering this guy just walked into my town without asking, I'm even testier with him than usual. But he just gives me a badge, the Insect Maniac badge to be exact. This is meant to recognize that I've caught over 50% of the bug collection. Maybe I need to slow down a bit. It's only been a week! Good thing Animal Crossing offers differing bugs/fish in seasons to keep you playing. But I can't help but feel like the badge must've been some mistake. I've done so much more fishing than bug-catching. Maybe fishing is more time-locked than bugs when it comes to finding new ones.

This one isn’t as sturdy as the first concrete bridge, but it’s nice enough.

Heading out, my bridge is completed. Shortcut acquired. This also becomes a villager hangout spot very quickly. I have no idea why the villagers hang out around bridges all the time. What could possibly be so great about it? Fang and Pango seem to appreciate it though. I planted a bunch of mango trees last night, and as far as I know none of them died. Now wait till tomorrow for a villager to put their house right on top of my poor mango trees.

I don't know what happened, but I didn't get the screenshot of my fortune today and I don't remember what it was. Either way, the object I received was the Bill Blaster. Whenever you touch it it shoots out Bullet Bills. This might be a keeper for one of my eventual rooms.

Ta da!

Thank goodness construction is finished on the Gardening Store. I enter it and am introduced to a sloth named Leif. He's an oddball who takes a second to remember the prices of his own store. I buy the axe instantly and the other flowers he offers. Thank you Leif, but you need a much bigger selection. This isn't doing much for me. But I'm eternally grateful to him for the axe, which is the key part to personalizing my town. Axes are different from the other tools you get though. They can and do break when the blade get's dulled from all the use. In fact I broke it later today. I'm crossing my fingers that he's selling it again tomorrow.

Sable, LaBelle and Mabel's shy sister who sews at the Able Sisters; finally starts talking to me today. Progress? Progress. I just want her to hurry up and get that QR code machine (I'll explain this later.).

When I come back from Main Street I find Bettina standing directly in front of my house. When I approach her she moves away from it. That's right. Get back rodent. I have an axe.

Took me about 15 seconds to find this. He doesn’t have to know this though.

Competing with the villagers in the Bug-Off isn't quite fair when you have access to an island and they don't. I take a quick trip to island, grab a birdwing butterfly, and run back to the judge named Nat. He's a freaky iguana who presides over the Bug-Off. He'll take your bug and analyze it on its size, luster and rarity. These values all combine into a point value, and I'm not really sure how that works (and then fantasize about eating it in front of you). He gives me 125 points though, which ends up lasting the entire day. The next closest catch was Anchovy's Raja B. Butterfly with 74 points. Maybe my catch was a little overkill.

Today my internet finally worked well enough to visit other people's towns. I visited a couple friends of mine and did some trades. I now have cherry and apple trees growing. So now I have apples, cherries, pears, mangoes, coconuts, bananas, oranges and eventually lychees growing in my town. All I need now is some durians and peaches. The minigames also confirmed my claim: The minigames are a lot more fun with friends. I look forward to teaming up with them again for more shenanigans. Also, they inspired me to change the default boring flag design to the official flag design of Tartarus:

I'm not quite sure what it means though Isabelle seems to love it. By the way, she insists that I can't work on public works projects today because I need to take the day off and rest. This happens for every holiday. I understand her concern but Tartarus needs development. It's not like I'm doing any work either. I just tell Isabelle I want this thing here and donate bells towards it.

Who needs Booker or Copper when you have Fang?

Heads up: I need you to take a good look at the Happy Home Showcase. Because this is probably going to be the only time I have a streetpass with Animal Crossing, much less having streetpasses at all. I went to the Best Buy Nintendo E3 event (Mario Kart 8 was amazing) and obtained more streetpasses in that one spot than I've ever gotten in 3 years of owning of 3DS. 10 of the streetpasses were Animal Crossing, which blew my mind since it only came out a week ago. So 10 homes showed up in the Happy Home Showcase. Digby was pleased. I did not see myself talking to him again so soon.

This person knows what’s important.

Seeing people's homes really brings a smile to my face because every home was different. It had their own personal touch to it, and that's a part of what makes Animal Crossing so great to me. You make your own paths. No person plays the same way.

I never talk to Pango as much as I should, but this conversation tonight really made me like her more:

It hit me why I liked her. She's just a very down-to-earth anteater. She's never in a bad mood and is always trying to cheer me up. She's easily the sweetest villager in town. I send her a letter to thank her for her time.

That's all for today. Tomorrow is Sunday. Sunday means turnip time with Joan! We'll also get started on the next public works project. NERGLE.

Is Fang trying to take my job? Nah, he can’t be….

P.S. Paid off my 2nd loan and reached 25 hours in playtime for this week. I was very busy this week too. But the obsession is really starting to settle in now. I was supposed to start writing this an hour ago but I wanted to plant some flowers. "Just a few more flowers and then we'll stop..." *30 minutes later*
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