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Animal Crossing: New Leaf Diary Day 53: Everything Needs a Makeover

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This is only slightly awkward.

Labor Day came and went the other day and it was a pretty uneventful affair, if any of you JP/EU players were wondering what you were missing out on.

I do this every day though.

Talk to Isabelle (wearing some adorable overalls) and she'll give you a picnic basket and tell you to take a load off after all the hard work you've done lately. I always thought of Labor Day as some weird free holiday so the cut-out sign with people barbecuing confuses me. Do people actually do this?


I also met my first dog in the campsite and...

Oh god.

Let's just say that I quickly introduced myself and beat feet out of there. He looks so creepy.

At this point, I was getting into around two months in Tartarus. It's still pretty much the same old thing around here, but I was ready to make some major changes. I had already begun the work by storing stuff using my other characters, but at this point I was ready to make it happen. And it all started with a new ordinance:

I explained this a long time ago, but here's a refresher: With the Beautiful Ordinance, villagers plant more flowers, water more flowers, and flowers will not wilt. You will also get less weeds than usual.

The Beautiful Ordinance is a lot more useful at this point, since I'll have a lot of flowers in my town. But I do miss the Night Owl Ordianance, since I can't seem to get adjusted to when shops close. Some stores close at 9pm now. 9pm!

After that, I got to work on the rest of the town. At first I wanted to have a bamboo forest in my town, but then I realized that it was pretty ugly and difficult to take care of. Over a number of days I bought axes from Leif's shop since this game likes to make it difficult to get the better axes. And I cut down all the bamboo:

In its place, I made a path to the one of my other character's houses.

After that, I planted a bunch of trees everywhere, and planted flowers in their designated spots. I like to keep it organized though, the different flowers/fruit trees are kept in their own personal sections, depending on where my paths are.

Here's how it turned out:

I think it turned out pretty good. Some of my flowers are purposely grouped with different colored ones to hybridize.

Emotion of the Day: Shyness

The villagers love to use this one.

The town wasn't the only thing getting a makeover either, because Gracie came to town.

Fun fact: In the JP version, Gracie is actually male.

Satisfying the Fashionista Gracie is one of the requirements for getting the final upgrade for the Nookling shop. Gracie wants to open a shop up on your Main Street but to do so, you have to pass Gracie's "Fashion Checks." The way this works is that you have to have a certain combination of accessories, shirts, or pants that work with the "look" Gracie is looking for.

For instance, this was the first look she asked for.

Now I have to dig in my dressers to find "historical" items of clothing. This isn't as simple as finding items that might be historical. Every piece of clothing has one of ten "looks" to it. Mable, Sable, and Kicks tell you what look it has before you buy it, but if you don't remember it you're pretty screwed...

..unless you have the internet.

Using that link, I was able to satisfy her requirements, even though I looked really ridiculous:

This is a spectacularly awful look.

But she likes it.

If you pass her check with flying colors, she gives you a piece of furniture (which will also be sold in her shop.) Here are the rest of my looks:

This is a "basic" look

This is "iconic"...

..and this was "Fun and Flashy."

I can only laugh at how silly the outfits became. Flashy was pretty tough, so I barely passed that one. She gave me a shirt for that one. Here is the sweets furniture I managed to get away with:

It's very...sweet I guess? It's almost too sweet to be in my house. It makes me hungry.

With all four checks fulfilled, Gracie confirmed that she would be opening up a shop in town. All I had to do was wait for the remodeling notice, which thankfully came a day later:

Note: You also have had to have 4th shop for at least 30 days, and you have to have spent 70-100,000 bells there.

That's all for today. Thanks for reading~

My god...those big.

I actually have more to talk about than I have space, so expect another update tomorrow.

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