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Animal Crossing: New Leaf Diary Day 29: One Bridge at at Time

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by , 8th July 2013 at 01:53 AM (2587 Views)

Celebration of the Brick Bridge. I don't think I've had one at sunset before.

Somehow I forgot I had stuff to do early in the morning and couldn't play AC until the early evening. So I missed out on Joan this week. I still have those bells sitting in my account even now, but I'm still not sold on upgrading my house yet. I haven't done much with my basement right now anyway.

Today my 3-day Bridge Project finished. I had to demolish the first bridge I had when it was literally one square to the right of where I wanted it to be. So demolishing the bridge takes one day (and money for some reason), setting up and paying for another bridge takes another day, and now the brick bridge is complete. I even made some X patterns to make sure I knew where to put. This whole time I was crazy paranoid that the bridge wasn't going to be placed exactly in line with the paths, but it all worked out.

Speaking of crazy paranoia, I'm now on the hook for new villagers, because they could set up stakes on any day ruining my paths, gardens or orchards. I'm not sure what I'll do if this happens. Someone's going to suffer though.

Phineas was back in town today, and he gave me a whopping three badges! The Skilled Bug Catcher for catching a lot of bugs, Catalog Maniac Bronze for cataloging a decent amount of items, and the Good Samaritan (which is apparently "proof of how I never turn down a request to help!" But I've turned down requests plenty of times for stupid ideas, so that's odd to me. Best not to dwell on it though.) Phineas also adds that "if you be good the badge man will come to give you another badge." Why do I think they're intentionally trying to make him a creeper... (Was he this bad in City Folk? I don't remember..)

Emotion of the Day: Greeting
This one is awesome because nearly everyone responds to it:

Today Super T&T was selling not one, but TWO toilets! A port-a-potty and a men's toilet. Awesome. I found just the item Lionel was looking for to replace his ranch wardrobe:

It even flushes! Maybe I shouldn't have given Lionel this..

Today's Fortune:

Raise your hand if you instantly thought of blood when you read this.

Nonetheless, I didn't find any blood out tonight, but I did get the super awesome Virtual Boy! So cool.

My life's dream.

Cranky Villagers: The Tsunderes of Animal Crossing.

I don't think this was in any of the previous games, but villagers will not only send you letters back in this game, they will also just send you letters out of the blue. Case in point, I've gotten letters from Fang two days in a row now. I can't help thinking there was some subconscious hint somewhere that he wanted me to reply back. I went to see what all the fuss was about, but he just invited me to his house instead. That went okay I suppose, until he started rambling about a horse mackerel changing his life and his furniture being his children. I wish I was joking. I nabbed his pineapple bed and high-tailed it outta there.

Lionel requested this Cube Sculpture...huh. I'm not sure where I would put this. It's quite a bit dark but sophisticated.

I hate it when I listen in on villager's conversations and then they bring me into it. I just want to observe!

This won't end well.

Here they wanted me to take sides in the matter. I was too much of a wuss to pick a side.

Great, now they're both mad at me.

Oh wow...through getting angry at me, they were able to find something in common with each other! This game man. seems the villagers did notice my Attack on Trees last week because this rumor is 100% correct. I really didn't think anyone would notice. *shifts eyes nervously* Just goes to show how those animals are always watching you...

That's all for today. Tomorrow is the worst day of the week. But Animal Crossing makes it better!

Dancing with Rocket at Club LOL.
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