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Misty Calls Masquerain's Top 33 Best AND Worst Pokemon Episodes.

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#33: The Little Big Horn - Brock focus episodes are rare in general, and this one stands out. All of the characters were good here, especially Brock, who proved he was a great breeder. Like many people, I wished he caught the baby Stantler, though.

#32: Power Play! - This is one of the few times that Gary appeared in the anime! Ash and Gary's interactions were great, and the battle in the beginning (Gary's Umbreon vs Alex's Alakazam) was one of the best in the series! As is the standard for Johto, the humor and characters were great, and so was the storyline.

#31: Pokemon Scent-Sation! - This was one of the best Kanto Gym story lines in Kanto! I liked how Ash got kicked out of the gym for making fun of the perfume, even though that was a little harsh, and how TR had him to disguise himself as a girl just to try and get in. The ending with Ash rescuing Erika's Gloom from the flames was great, he really deserved that badge for that, AND the trouble he went through.

#30: The Fires of a Red Hot Reunion! - One of the standout episodes of BW! Admittedly, him seeing Charmander at a festival and deciding he misses Charizard is a little contrived, but everything else made up for it. I liked Ash explaining to the others his Charizard's backstory, and getting it back too. I hated that N Nterrupted the battle, but didn't care about Charizard's *nerfed* moveset (though no Seismic Toss sucks), because it was still taking out iris's Dragonite (before the Nterruption, that is).

#29: Foul Weather Friends - This is an episode that many don't care for, but I personally love! I liked how they made a plot out of Hoppip's Pokedex entry, and made it entertaining, too. I liked the Oddish that wanted to be a Hoppip, and how it discovered that even though it couldn't fly, it could battle and was good at finding things. We don't get many episodes like this anymore.

#28: Forest Grumps - This is one of those episodes where the twerps and Team Rocket get separated, then paired up differently (in this episode, it was Misty/James/Meowth and Jessie/Ash/Brock. They handled this situation brilliantly, and didn't waste a single bit of potential! It had some of the best character interactions in the entire series.

#27: Friends to the End - This is the only after-league episode that had Ash reflecting on his loss, it especially gets to you because you know he could have beat Ritchie if TR didn't cut in, I liked how he slowly got over it with a little help from his friends and went to cheer Ritchie on, the ending with Pokemon theme playing in the background is nothing short of heartwarming.

#26: The Ultimate Test - This episode was filled with laughs from beginning to end! The best parts were "It's a Voltorb/Electrode! No! It's a Jigglypuff seen from above!" and Ash having to control Pokemon Team Rocket has owned! Also liked the way Team Rocket was sent off.

#25: Gotta Catch Ya Later! - One of the most emotional episodes of the entire series! Ash splitting from his friends with Misty's song in the background still gets to many viewers, even years afterwards! I liked how they blasted Team Rocket off one last time before splitting up...if only it ended there...

#24: The Bug Stops Here- Great episode, the highlights were Casey's Chikorita evolving into a Bayleef, the funny baseball jokes, and Ash winning the contest, but deciding to give his Beedrill to Casey out of the kindness of his heart.

#23: The Problem With Paras- Funny, underrated episode! The Paras and its trainer were one of the more memorable COTDs, and I enjoyed watching Paras grow stronger until it became Parasect (Charmeleon was gold here, too!).

#22: Do I Hear A Ralts?- This is one of the standout episodes from AG. 4Kids did a good job on this episode, and Max was good in this episode, too, too bad he didn't get to keep it, and too bad he won't ever get his promise battle with Ash.

#21: Tanks a Lot!- A gut-busting filler episode about a Sentret and Misty's Togepi landing in TR's Arbo-Tank (which James blew all of their money on) and wreaking havoc, with TR and Ash and Misty and Brock trying to get it back from them. I cracked a smile when Officer Jenny said it would now be quicker to drive from the local town to Violet City. :)

#20: Bye Bye Butterfree- Even though Butterfree was only with Ash for a short time, its departure from the group was still pretty sad, because Ash only spent so much time with it before he had to let it go (and unlike Primeape's, it was actually done WELL). The message of moving on (which both Ash and Butterfree did) was powerful in this episode. This also had the first TR motto ripoff from Ash and co.

#19: The School of Hard Knocks- Giselle was one of the most memorable COTDs, and the way they parodied game mechanics in the anime was interesting. Also, one of my favorite battles (Pikachu vs Cubone - I like how Pikachu blinds Cubone with its own skull so it can get hit with its own bone) is in this episode.

#18: Here Comes The Squirtle Squad!- Awesome episode! The little gangsters (The Squirtle Squad) threatening to dye Misty's hair purple (or kill her in the original) was so funny! Not to mention the scene with *Master Meowth* and his human *pets*! Similar to The Fortune Hunters, every single character was excellent! Also, on a smaller note, this was Ted Lewis's last episode as James.

#17: Pokemon- I Choose You!- This had it all: Ash's growing bond with Pikachu, his first meeting with Misty, humor, emotion, and everything else that makes a good episode. This was the PERFECT setup for Ash's journey...and unfortunately, also the entire anime in general :(

#16: Electric Shock Showdown: This was the first episode to show Pikachu's reason for not evolving, and unlike Pika and Goliath, it wasn't contrived. It was just a simple tale of Pikachu losing to Raichu and training to best it's greatest obstacle yet (at the time).

#15: Snow Way Out- Loved this episode! I can't say much that hasn't already been said, but my favorite scenes are of course: (1) Ash's Pokemon all coming out to warm him up in the cave instead of staying safe, and (2) It's too hot to stay in! It's too cold to stay out!

#14: Enter the Dragonite- Ash vs. Drake was one of the best battles in the anime ever! I liked how Ash's remaining Pokemon all worked together to take down Drake's monster Dragonite, earning Ash the Orange League trophy! It's not a main region trophy, but still, it was amazing back then!

#13: The Heartbreak of Brock- I liked the COTD (Temacu) of this episode, it was sweet how she fell for Brock after he saved her :) I felt bad for Brock when she moved on to James, and then felt bad for him when she moved on to the doctor. That aside, this episode was nothing but endless laughs, and the plot was engaging, too.

#12: The Grass Route- The grass type tournament was awesome, we never did get enough mono-type tournaments. I liked how Ash underestimated the kid with the Skiploom, until a Solar Beam he didn't even see coming finished off his Bulbasaur. Also, it had a great, relatable moral too, one that seemed to stick for a while (until I think Vanity Affair): Pride goes before the fall.

#11: Fowl Play!- This is one of my favorite capture episodes, period. Noctowl was brimming with personality that hasn't been seen since then. Mr. Wiseman's pathetic attempts to capture it with non-traditional methods were HILARIOUS, especially when they just resulted in him being hypnotized. Noctowl in its debut had among the best personality of all Ash's Pokemon.

#10: Fossil Fools- Johto has had so many great episodes and this one is no exception. The characters are great, the plot is engaging, and Team Rocket is funny in this episode, too, and it also has the one moment of Brock pulling Misty's ear!

#9: Charmander The Stray Pokemon- This is part of the Kanto Pokemon starter trilogy, and the best one, too. It's really sad, too. It has a great mix of everything needed for a great story: Emotion (Charmander and Damien), humor (TR), lightheartedness (Damien's demise), darkness (Charmander could have died), everything.

#8: Grin To Win!- This episode is an example of world building done RIGHT, I like the fact that they were able to help Sonrisa and her depressed Sunflora, and it was funny, too. The Sunflora contest was a unique idea, and Meowth's Sunflora disguise which would be repeated in multiple episodes after this one debuted here.

#7: Sick Daze- Brock gets sick, so Ash and Misty have to do everything without him, one would figure they'd be able to do just fine, but they mess up. The highlights of the episode were Brock's weird dreams, and Ash trying to bath Brock's Pokemon. I liked Brock's Golbat here, too (it was so protective of him)

#6: The Joy of Water Pokemon- This is one of the best Misty episodes, they had an interesting plot with Misty meeting one of her heroes (a nurse Joy who hated Water Pokemon) and they handled it pretty well, and I liked how Nurse Joy sucked it up and healed the pained Gyarados, but didn't get over her fear magically. I hoped to see how that particular Nurse Joy did in a Chronicles episode, but it wasn't to be.

#5: In The Pink- Like Grin to Win, this had great worldbuilding for the Orange Islands. An island of pink Pokemon isn't the most interesting concept, but it's executed pretty well It's also one of the few episodes where Togepi's secret power is alluded to. I liked the scene where Team Rocket thought Jigglypuff was special...until they realized all Jigglypuff are pink.

#4: Illusion Confusion- Funny episode! The premise was cliche on the surface (they get lost in a dark forest), but execution makes it work perfectly! The Hoothoot that led them out of the forest was funny, Gary was...Gary (which means he was awesome), and I liked Brock's comment about Hagatha (something that ugly can't possibly be real!), as well as Ash's "There aren't any pretty girls around!".

#3: Pikachu's Goodbye- This was one of the most emotional episodes of all time, we all knew Pikachu wouldn't leave, but it was still sad, the sudden mood whiplash from funny to sad worked in its favor, my favorite line was James's "Why don't you visit our World Wide Web?".

#2: Battle Aboard the St. Anne- Awesome episode! What could have been a generic filler of them on a boat evolved into Giovanni attacking the St. Anne and the TR grunts trying to infiltrate it. I was sad when Ash traded Butterfree for Raticate (even though they traded back), and the funniest part was James getting scammed by the Magikarp Salesman. I liked when everyone worked together to stop Team Rocket, that was an awesome scene. It also led up to Pokémon Shipwreck and Island of the Giant Pokémon, which themselves are great episodes

#1: The Fortune Hunters- Everyone shined in this episode! I liked the idea of a fortune hunting scam done by Cassidy and Butch, and everyone finding what type they were was interesting! Ash=Bellsprout, Brock=Onix, Misty=Gyarados (I think her anger speaks for itself XD), Jessie=Eevee (didn't see that coming), James=Moltres! I liked James being more confident (He was BY FAR the best character in this episode), and this scene is one of the funniest ever, even more so when you're older: James is FLAMING - YouTube

It was sad, yet hilarious, to see him so down when he found out it was a scam, and the ending had me angry as a kid, but it's funny now. I still wonder what James and Misty's real Pokémon types were... (I might even make a thread about it :P )


#33: The Electrike Company - This episode was just boring. Too much focus on the boring COTD (the same can be said for many Johto episodes but at least those had redeeming qualities), Team Rocket was just annoying and tacked-on, and it was a training episode, but for the COTD and his Electrike instead of Ash or one of his friends. I'm not even going to start on either the script writing or the voices.

#32: Noodles: Roamin' Off! - HORRIBLE. Team Rocket is more idiotic than ever, and their reason for breaking up is probably the worst yet. You couldn't even feel sorry for them because the writers insisted on piling on so much forced, contrived drama that did nothing except make you cringe! The voices were more annoying than usual, and the dialogue was nothing short of vomit-inducing. (James Cathcart Carter: No one wants to hear about your off color fetish!)

#31: Team Rocket's Shocking Recruit!- Just a terrible episode, and one of the worst ones of Decolora. The episode seemed like a waste of time after you found out Emolga was tricking TR (you'd think Meowth of all characters would have known that, since he tricked Ash and company in their Subway mission, and tried to trick Colress in "Meowth, Colress, and Team Rivalry!.), dialogue sucked (how many times do they really need to keep saying "emo" to prove they can push the boundaries? That's great that they can say the word, now how about they grow some balls and (a) Write Better Scripts (b) Bring back the original voice cast, and/or © All of the above.), Axew was a bigger baby than ever.

#30: The Fires of a Red Hot Reunion!- What can I say, this was one of the worst dubbed episodes ever! Misty didn't sound a thing like she used to, when in MOMP, Michelle Knotz did a near perfect imitation. Brock still sounds constipated, Jimmy Zoppi is still TERRIBLE as Professor Oak (TPCi, do you NOT see Stan Hart?), Sarah Natochenny still has no genuine emotion, and many of the Pokemon voices sucked, especially the one they used for Aerodactyl, with Tom Wayland's Charmander at a close second. But it's not the horrible dub that's so bad, it's the blatant disrespect to the 4Kids actors. They could have just reused the 4Kids voice clips like any other company would have, but they had to redub over the clips. What are they trying to prove? All I see is them trying to wreck everyone's childhoods. Thanks for showing how much you care about the past and the cast, jerks.

#29: A Marathon Rivalry!- This serves no purpose other than HeartGold/SoulSilver Pokeathlon promotion. Other than that, it's just like any other lame DP Filler episode.

#28: Try for the Family Stone!- BORING! It was just about two COTDs looking for a Dusk Stone in order to evolve their Murkrow/Misdreavus, and then at the end...they decide not to evolve either Pokemon. Then what is the point of this episode?! Oh, right, HeartGold/SoulSilver promotion...still, that doesn't mean it has to be so bad!

#27: Battle-Dazzling the Nimbasa Gym!- This episode is infamous among most Pokemon fans, and for good reason, too. Not only was Ash annoying, but he was way stupider than usual, even by Kanto standards. Not only is he extremely inept Vs. Elesa, but when his Palpitoad goes down, it's revealed that...it was the only Pokemon he brought, so he runs off to get his other Pokemon! WTF? Who brings only ONE Pokemon to a gym battle? And the conclusion of the battle was lame, too.

#26: Uncrushing Defeat!- This episode is almost nothing but Ash moping around and TR being annoying. An episode with Ash reflecting on his loss could be good (Friends to the End was), but this one was nowhere near. Brock seeing Uxie could have been moved to another episode, since it wasn't a big deal compared to Ash moping, and Dawn didn't do a thing except wear her cheerleading outfit and cheer them on. The voice acting was also some of the worst I've heard in TPCi's dub, which is saying a lot!

#25: Gotta Catch Ya Later!- Yes, you saw this on the list of best episodes, but it's also one of the worst. After the departure, not much of anything interesting happened. Also, it led to the later series'. Some good came out of the new stuff, but it's stuck beneath a lot of crap.

#24: Pika and Goliath!- This episode sucks! It's just a rehash of Electric Shock Showdown, but with worse music, more annoying voices, and one of the worst COTDs of all time. Also, they tried too hard to force emotion into the scene of Pikachu in the Pokemon Center, but failed MISERABLY.

#23: The Battle Finale of Legend!- The Lame Finale of Legend is more like it! WTF? Why did they make Cyrus so OoC in that last scene? Writers, if you're going to adapt the evil team plot, ACTUALLY KNOW THE CHARACTERS! Moreover, why did CYRUS have to suffer that fate while CHARON got to go free?? Everything else was resolved so anticlimactically, too. Also, Cathcart kept making stupid wind-related jokes which quickly got really annoying.

#22: Trials and Abdulations- Imagine Charizard Chills with Ash and Charizard replaced with Dawn and Mamoswine, all the emotion and genuineness sucked dry, a random Aggron as the villain (and it doesn't even put up a fight...)...that's this episode.

#21: Dawn of A Royal Day!- This episode's setup was so contrived, not to mention it made no sense. WHY did Dawn agree to switch places with the lookalike (Salvia)? Salvia could have just entered some other contest, plus I don't think Dawn even needed that ribbon. That's not even the worst part, the worst part was how Salvia just handed off Togekiss to Dawn, as well as a ribbon to Jessie to make her seem more of a bad coordinator. Also, Salvia doesn't even look the least bit original, she just looks like an amateur Dawn reskin one would find on DeviantART.

#20: Gaining Groudon/The Scuffle of Legends- Oh boy where do I begin? Still frame images, the setup was lame, anticlimax, no real closure, Lance instead of Steven, plot made absolutely no sense, we were promised an epic battle but got nothing out of it...they didn't even try.

#19: Cottonee in Love- This episode was really bad. A lot of people think Ash being dense about love is funny, but I don't, it got old really fast, and it's a disgrace to Ash's character since he never used to be so clueless. In Bye Bye Butterfree, he knew about mating. In this episode...he's just so idiotic. I really only liked TR in the episode, but they couldn't prevent it from completely sucking. The basic premise could have been good had they done something interesting with it!

#18: The Treasure is All Mine!- Relies solely on forced caricatures of the characters, and it did NOT live up to *Holy Matrimony*. Also, the dub was annoying as hell.

#17: Hoenn Alone- Boring episode, why did they devote a 22 min. episode to just Ash taking a boat to Hoenn? It was just so BORING, especially seeing as Ash was alone. I think this sums up the episode better than I ever could:

#16: Decide on the Ice Chandelier- Just another boring DP episode. I like training episodes, but this one sucks! All it has going for it is training and TR, both being boring to watch, otherwise, it has nothing to stand on.

#15: Strategy Begins at Home- It was just BORING. It was too padded out, they used the same jokes over and over again, and the dialogue was pretty bad, too (Wow...Nathaniel reminds me of me! = WTF!?). The most hyped event of Dawn vs. Johanna didn't happen until the end, when we were already bored out of our skulls! The match did not last long enough, and it wasn't even that good, either.

#14: To Thine Own Pokemon Be True!- This episode was just so lame from beginning to end...but the worst part was the way Ambipom got released...she stayed with O to play PING PONG. REALLY?!

#13: For the Love of Meowth!- Just another lame Team Rocket Breakup episode...and it didn't even make Meowth look good, either. The fact that he would leave Team Rocket just for a crush was APPALLING. Way to go against everything Team Rocket stands for. Not to mention all three of them were annoying this episode.

#12: Pika and Goliath- Do I even need to explain why this sucks? Ripoff of a Kanto episode, The dub BMG sucked, so did the acting, and the COTD was just annoying. It's #10 only because the battles were good, otherwise, it would be lower.

#11: The Grand Festival (Sinnoh)- I only have to say this: Why devote so many episodes to training, contests, perfecting moves and appeals, etc....only to have Dawn lose to Zoey? She should have been able to beat her for once. MOVING ON!

#10: There's a New Gym Leader in Town- This episode sucked, and I say this as someone who enjoyed the Ampharos episode to some extent. Cheren was treated like a pushover, and Ash still lost to him, because Oshawott conveniently forgot he could fight WITHOUT the scalchop. Either handle game characters right, or don't use them at all!

#9: Iris and the Rogue Dragonite- This episode was infamous for being the one where Iris got Dragonite, and I agree with those who hate it. I don't care that Iris could get into Dragonite's memories, since it's an expansion of her game abilities, but I hate that the plot basically bends so that Iris and ONLY she can get Dragonite. The rest of the plot devices characters just stood there and let Iris do all the work.

#8: The Evolutionary War- This episode was BORING. It was more about the COTD and their Pokemon than Ash and co., and the plot wasn't even that eventful in the first place.

#7: Crowning the Scalchop King!- Lame...the premise was a ripoff of a Sinnoh episode, Cadbury was an annoying jerk, Osharina being put up as a prize was degrading, the Oshawott vs Dewott battle sucked, TR sucked too, the backstory of how that island came to be made no sense, and so much more.

#6: Piplup Up and Away- Boring...the Draco Meteor gag was not funny (OMG IT HIT PIPLUP!! HAHA), and the Piplup plot was so lame. Team Rocket was also more annoying than ever.

#5: Road to Humilau- Just an unfunny episode focusing on Ash and Cameron, Cameron was just annoying, it took too long to get to the gym battle, and when it did, it was disappointing because Marlon was just a pushover and the battle sucked, too. Also, Cameron's headband *gag* was NOT funny.

#4: A Faux Oak Finish!- Awful episode. First of all, it's just a lame version of Will The Real Oak Please Stand Up?. Second, it took too long for the main event to happen, and the resolution sucked...you're telling me the real Professor Oak only needs to PULL THE SPLINTER!? Isn't that NURSE JOY'S JOB??? And Carter's Professor Oak is TERRIBLE.

#3: The Sinnoh League- This SUCKED. Quilava's first battle since it evolved was glossed over by...idiot TR. Ash vs Paul was drawn out, it was a good battle, but did it REALLY need to be 3 episodes? And Infernape ended up relying on Blaze even though Ash said HE DIDN'T NEED IT! And the worst part of all...Tobias. I don't even need to explain this one. But as bad as this is, it doesn't beat...

#2: The Unova League- What can I say? The league just sucks. No one got treated well, except Stephan, Cameron was annoying as hell, Axew got lost AGAIN, and in the middle of the league too, Ash regressed AND lost to a moron with only 5 Pokemon (technically 3 since said moron wasted Ferrothorn and Swanna), Bianca got screwed over by Cameron as well. The only good thing about the league was Ash vs Stephan, which is only about 1/6th of it or so. The battles weren't even good, either. What's worse than this episode?

#1: BRAVE THE WAVE- Ash was such a jerk in this episode, what, he couldn't wait ONE DAY to battle Brawly!? Everyone needs a break from battling! And he pushed Treecko too hard, too. He even had the gall to tell his friends to "Shut up!" when they were only trying to help him, he deserved to get beat by Brawly (but Treecko didn't). He kept blaming everyone but himself...even including DP and BW, this episode features Ash at his worst. At least battle machine Ash (DP) and happy-go-lucky 24/7 Ash (BW) were NEVER colossus jerks like BtW Ash was!

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  1. Pokémon Master Ash's Avatar
    I liked "The Evolutionary War" and "Iris and the Rogue Dragonite" myself, but I agree with all of your other choices for worst. All of your Top 10 Best are GREAT episodes, IMO. I would probably have some different ones, but I still like your choices here.

    Misty Calls Masquerain: "The Draco Meteor gag was [B][I]not [/I][/B]funny (OMG IT HIT PIPLUP!! HAHA)."

    Typical Audience: "Duh huh hahhehuueheheheh it's so FUNNY to see Gible use Draco Meteor on Piplup ahahahahh heughehehdhe"

    Me: "No: it's dumb. It's not funny: it's silly."
    Updated 27th September 2013 at 01:49 PM by Karamazov
  2. Misty Calls Masquerain's Avatar
    I agree, it's the same joke over and over again. Nothing is funny about repeated gags. Gible uses Draco Meteor, but it swarms over to another target (usually Piplup). Gible was otherwise funny, so I don't know why they had to hold it back with that lame gag.
  3. Darth Darkrai's Avatar
    Brave The Wave a TERRIBLE Episode and Ash was a DICK TO EVERYTHING AND THE Sad thing is this was Jason Griffith's Debut to Pokemon what a Terrible Day for Him.
  4. Misty Calls Masquerain's Avatar
    Who did Jason Griffith voice in BtW, Bulbapedia doesn't say.
  5. Darth Darkrai's Avatar
    He was Brawly
  6. Pokémon Master Ash's Avatar
  7. Garren's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by EmotionalTensionPKMN
    I liked "The Evolutionary War" and "Iris and the Rogue Dragonite" myself, but I agree with all of your other choices for worst. All of your Top 10 Best are GREAT episodes, IMO. I would probably have some different ones, but I still like your choices here.

    Misty Calls Masquerain: "The Draco Meteor gag was not funny (OMG IT HIT PIPLUP!! HAHA)."

    Typical Audience: "Duh huh hahhehuueheheheh it's so FUNNY to see Gible use Draco Meteor on Piplup ahahahahh heughehehdhe"

    Me: "No: it's dumb. It's not funny: it's retarded."
    Well, the "typical" audience is like 10 year old kids, so, yeah, I imagine it's funnier for the group it was aimed at.

    Also as an adult, you probably shouldn't use "retarded" to refer to something you don't like, it's not in good taste.
  8. Pokémon Master Ash's Avatar
    [QUOTE=Garren;bt296328]Well, the "typical" audience is like 10 year old kids, so, yeah, I imagine it's funnier for the group it was aimed at.

    Also as an adult, you probably shouldn't use "retarded" to refer to something you don't like, it's not in good taste.[/QUOTE]

    Well, definitely. However, when I was 10, I used to laugh at some of the things displayed in the OS. I still do to this day as well as things in AG. I have not laughed much in DP for some reason or another, and I still don't. That's really my point: I never found that gag funny in the DP Series. I still don't.

    Agreed, that wasn't the right choice of words (I apologize if I offended you), but let me clarify what I meant. By that, I mean I couldn't understand WHY it was so funny. I'm referring to the fandom that praises DP constantly, and always mocks the other arcs besides AG.

    I never found Barry funny (I found him annoying and I still do), I never laughed at Conway's perversion (though I did like him as a character-- but his antics creeped me out), and I never found the Draco Meteor gag funny. It's all a matter of taste, though, so you're right.
  9. Misty Calls Masquerain's Avatar
    I don't think I would have laughed at Draco Meteor fail as a kid, to be quite honest.
  10. Pokémon Master Ash's Avatar
    [QUOTE=Misty Calls Masquerain;bt296386]I don't think I would have laughed at Draco Meteor fail as a kid, to be quite honest.[/QUOTE]

    Same here.
  11. Pokémon Master Ash's Avatar
    #15 on Worst Quote Source:


  12. Darth Darkrai's Avatar
  13. Misty Calls Masquerain's Avatar
    Brave the Wave is TERRIBLE. I don't know anyone who actually likes it.

    Quote Originally Posted by EmotionalTensionPKMN
    #15 on Worst Quote Source:

    I LOL'd @ the recent comment on the video (you have to click "View All Comments", it's marked as spam.)
  14. Pokémon Master Ash's Avatar
    [QUOTE=Misty Calls Masquerain;bt296694]
    I LOL'd @ the recent comment on the video (you have to click "View All Comments", it's marked as spam.)[/QUOTE]
    All I have to say is:

    (1) Ash's voice doesn't fit him at all in that clip: you can hear how forced Sarah sounds trying to imitate Veronica in the flashback portion of the clip (I mean, just listen to the version that was slowed down to hear her straining), and in the first portion of the clip, Ash sounds like he's been smoking one too many cigarettes to me. The kid is supposedly 11 here (when I checked Bulbapedia, though, it said he was still 10 in DP when these episodes were airing): regardless, no 10-11 year old boy has that kind of voice.

    (2) I couldn't have said it any better myself than that person did:

    "Would it have killed them to write something else instead: 'He's just like me when I was his age'," or something along those lines?

    It's stuff like this that shows just how lucky we were when 4Kids was dubbing Pokemon, IMO. The sheer apathy and lack of effort on TPCi's part in that scene shows just how bad things have become dub-wise in the last few years. Frankly, it's appalling and depressing.
    Updated 30th September 2013 at 02:29 PM by Pokémon Master Ash
  15. Misty Calls Masquerain's Avatar
    1. Her kid Ash sounds better than her regular Ash, but yeah, they both suck. Don't they have stock voices to use?

    2. There IS no effort. I don't know why the comment was marked as spam when it's the truth.
  16. Pokémon Master Ash's Avatar
    [QUOTE=Misty Calls Masquerain;bt296698]1. Her kid Ash sounds better than her regular Ash, but yeah, they both suck. Don't they have stock voices to use?

    2. There IS no effort. I don't know why the comment was marked as spam when it's the truth.[/QUOTE]
    1. Agreed: even it if sounds too forced, it's better than the regular voice.
    2. "There IS no effort" sums it up too perfectly, IMO.
  17. Misty Calls Masquerain's Avatar
    2. Which is just so sad. Both the dubbers and writers used to put in a lot of effort.


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