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  1. My Take On Classic Scripts of Pokemon Episodes, TPCi Style!

    by , 30th December 2013 at 12:59 AM
    If you like the 4Kids dub of Pokemon and don't want your childhood ruined, press the back button.

    Has anyone ever seen those "What if 4Kids dubbed ____" ideas? This is the same basic concept, just with TPCi instead. Before I continue my "___ Worst Pokemon Anime Lines and Why They Suck." series, I decided to try my hand at this. So let's begin!

    Link to this episode's original script: http://pokemon.akaihane.co.uk/html/scripts/episode01.html ...
  2. My Next 110 Worst Pokemon Anime Lines and Why They Suck. (Continued)

    by , 13th November 2013 at 10:12 PM
    Thanks to @<a href="http://bmgf.bulbagarden.net/member.php?u=65984" target="_blank">Chocadial</a>;, @<a href="http://bmgf.bulbagarden.net/member.php?u=69083" target="_blank">Gen6fan</a>;, @<a href="http://bmgf.bulbagarden.net/member.php?u=65876" target="_blank">fierydestroyerbowser</a>;, @<a href="http://bmgf.bulbagarden.net/member.php?u=62221" ...

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  3. My blog is not approving comments.

    by , 21st October 2013 at 11:05 AM
    Anyone know how to approve comments? Or how to turn off the approve option?
  4. My Review of The Origin (Misty Calls Masquerain)

    by , 4th October 2013 at 12:29 AM
    Plot: Basically the plot of the Generation I games with some things glossed over and the Pokemon Tower plot more fleshed out. Not much to say, except the whole story with Cubone and its mother was VERY well done. I liked the fact that Red caught them all, except for Mew. I would have liked to see his journey to catch Mew!

    Characters: Not really much to say here, either. Red is kinda like Ash in his better days. He starts out really stupid, but grows out of it quickly. Giovanni is ...

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  5. Misty Calls Masquerain's Top 32 Best AND Worst Pokemon Episodes.

    by , 24th September 2013 at 12:55 PM

    #32: Power Play! - This is one of the few times that Gary appeared in the anime! Ash and Gary's interactions were great, and the battle in the beginning (Gary's Umbreon vs Alex's Alakazam) was one of the best in the series! As is the standard for Johto, the humor and characters were great, and so was the storyline.

    #31: Pokemon Scent-Sation! - This was one of the best Kanto Gym story lines in Kanto! I liked how Ash got kicked out of the gym for making fun of the ...

    Updated 4th March 2014 at 09:29 AM by Misty Calls Masquerain

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