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They call me HACKER-C

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by , 25th June 2010 at 03:34 AM (405 Views)
So there was an interesting fellow on IRC asking for demanding a battle, I had a little free time, and it was obvious that this person was going to keep spamming "PM me for a battle!" so I took the bate, knowing full well that the odds of this person being trouble were fairly high.

Now, after this first disconnect, which happened a good quarter through the battle, with the tide of the battle going in my favor, I knew that this person was going to disconnect, so I had no expectation of the second battle ending any other way.

This second battle made it all the way to the last move, where he promptly disconnected. After his establishing that I must be hacker because of a single turn where my Salamence outspeed his.

A lol-worthy match indeed, and an amusing way to kill a little time.

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  2. Synthesis's Avatar
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    Haha! 'omg you're such a haxor!!!1110neoneelevenone
  3. Sublime's Avatar
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    Kid doesn't know what a speed tie is ._.


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