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Mario Marathon Mayhem

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by , 19th June 2010 at 09:52 AM (372 Views)
The Speed Gamers having their week-long Marathon this week. 158 hours (currently in overtime up to 182 hours at last count) of non-stop playing of Mario games, including the Mario Party/Sports, Brawl, and Wario games such a Wario World, and Wario Land: Shake it; there was even a little Yoshi's Safari and Mario Paint action. They also give away prizes, and perform various stunts to encourage donations such as eating the Bhut Jolokia (also known as the Ghost Pepper) the hottest pepper in the world. Famous LPer's Chuggaaconroy, and ProtonJon also play and commentate. Steve Wiebe was supposed to play Donkey Kong but, something came up and he couldn't make it.

They have managed to raise over $54,000 so far for ACT Today, and are running on on a system where for every 2,000 dollars in donations extends the marathon for another three hours.

I have been watching this Marathon all week, and it has be awesome.

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    Oh shit I forgot all about this marathon.


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