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This is goodbye...

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This is my final post on Bulbagarden EVAR EVAR! I am going to take my trolling ways to Serebii because over there the forumz are greener!

-Insert exactly five minutes-

Know my best friend on the forums? Well, he begged me to stay, so I'm staying! :D Because I was really super cereal about going.

P.S. Vote Shellder for MVP of December 2008! :O

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  1. Tina's Avatar
    Nah, I'm gonna vote for Ekans. I totally cheer for them! :D

    Mmm, super cereal. I love super cereal! It's like.. part of a superhero's breakfast! Sometimes they ship plastic knives with it on accident in the box though. :(
  2. Trainer-c's Avatar
    Curse you Ekans! And your ever-lasting popularity with the female demographic! :<

    Plastic knives? I thought those were marshmallows. Good thing my opening post already summoned the waaambulance.
  3. Nekusagi's Avatar
    What did I just watch?
  4. Trainer-c's Avatar
    Possibly the most disturbing thing you'll ever see... until the next disturbing thing you see. :D

    That ad has been haunting me for a good week, I have been meaning to post it to my journal, and what better time than my "final post ever"?
  5. Elementary Penguin's Avatar
    Hey! Don't make fun of someone's who's acted completely stupid and practically begged for people to make fun of him!
  6. Nekusagi's Avatar
    practically begged for people to make fun of him!
    Wait what?
    Updated 14th December 2008 at 06:56 PM by Nekusagi
  7. Trainer-c's Avatar
    But... I really have left, how can I be making fun of anyone if I've left the forum forever? o.0
  8. Elementary Penguin's Avatar
    Read mine.
  9. Elementary Penguin's Avatar
    Wait... Did I say I'm staying because of EGuy? No. I said thanks to him. Then I said I'm leaving. Then I said I'm staying. Then I said "mumble" and haven't made up my mind.
  10. Trainer-c's Avatar
    I can't read anything you've written. I've left the forums forever. :(
  11. Tina's Avatar
    You lost me at 'EGuy'.
  12. Elementary Penguin's Avatar
    This sucks.
  13. Armads's Avatar
    Hey! Don't make fun of someone's who's acted completely stupid and practically begged for people to make fun of him!
    You win the internet. :(
  14. Elementary Penguin's Avatar
    I sure do now, don't I?
  15. The Outrage's Avatar
    Well who didn't see this coming (Elementary Penguin staying)
  16. Armads's Avatar
    I didn't... but I'm sincerely glad the forum did not lose such an intelligent, honest, and noble member. It pains me just to imagine how empty we would all feel if he had indeed left... I don't know if I can bear even the thought. But lo, this harsh and painful fantasy shall remain but fleetingly so, as our most beloved user has returned to us. Ah, how I weep with joy.
  17. The Outrage's Avatar
    So how long until this penguin gets back to responding to two year-old threads?

    Oh well, its not as if he's the first guy to openly admit to creating a sock-puppet account and didn't get banned.

    Its just so sad that my visitor messages had to suffer.


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