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Here is when I get on my soapbox, and rant or whatever.

  1. English names

    Note: The following blog is satirical in nature.

    How do I pronounce this Bull Ba Sore? Bal Base Or? The name loses all meaning because there is no guide on which accent to use when pronouncing the name.




    lolololololol Nubnubnubnubnubnubnub Way to be offensive to noobies, and amputees, Nintendo. :( [Repeat this subject about 50 times throughout thread]

    Gyarados, Sableye: ...
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  2. Full Disclosure: MindCrystal

    In light of recent discussion on my VM's in which it was mentioned that I do not publicly disclose my views on MindCrystal before I virtual high-five anyone for stating a view that I happen to agree with.

    So, it is in the interest of full disclosure that I post my own personal, not repeated, puppeted or fed to anyone else views on the Mind Crystal speculation.

    This will be in the form of responses I would make if I were to post the MindCrystal thread.


    Updated 31st January 2010 at 01:50 PM by Trainer-c (Preliminary movie 13 details)

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  3. Generation III? Not in MY Pokémon! >:O

    Recently I have found myself in a rather spirited debate over the merits, and possibility of a remake of Generation III.

    Now, I myself find the possibility of remakes to be exceedingly high taking into account a precedent that is now two generations strong, the fact that Ruby and Sapphire are approaching their 10th year, and will reach it before a little before, or a little into Generation V (depending on when it begins) and, the very real likelihood that Generation V may be incompatible ...
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  4. Nob Ogasawara's duties as translator.

    For the edification those that follow the Pokémon games, and have been working under the assumption that Nob Ogasawara was directly in charge of naming characters, Pokémon, Places, Items and such. The following paragraphs are written by the man himself in regards to his involvement in the creative process.

    Question: Nob, did you name any of the american pokemon ? Or was it just dialogue translation ?

    Quote Originally Posted by Nob
    In their infinite wisdom, they never saw fit to trust me with anything
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