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Slice o' life

Anything relating to my life.

  1. Mario Marathon Mayhem

    The Speed Gamers having their week-long Marathon this week. 158 hours (currently in overtime up to 182 hours at last count) of non-stop playing of Mario games, including the Mario Party/Sports, Brawl, and Wario games such a Wario World, and Wario Land: Shake it; there was even a little Yoshi's Safari and Mario Paint action. They also give away prizes, and perform various stunts to encourage donations such as eating the Bhut Jolokia (also known as the Ghost Pepper) the hottest pepper in the world. ...

    Updated 19th June 2010 at 11:09 AM by Trainer-c

    Video Games , Slice o' life
  2. Wild spambot appeared!

    What will Trainer-c do?

    [ Mock ] [Ingore]

    [ Bag ] [ Run ]

    [21:52] allergenicsalmon: Happy International Penis Day! Remember to celebrate your local penis.
    [21:53] Me: But... all I have is a local Vagina
    [21:55] allergenicsalmon: #optout
    [21:55] Me: #optopussy

    After this exchange of (what I assumed was) bold new concepts on human/spambot interaction the bot saw fit to cease responding to me. No doubt, ...
    Slice o' life
  3. Zelda Marathon, and Transformers ranting.

    The Speed Gamers are now 26 hours into their 3-day Zelda Marathon to benefit the Ally's House charity. They will even be playing two of the infamous CDi Zelda titles.

    It's pretty fun, and for a great cause so check it out if you are into Zelda.

    Transformers Animated Season 3 started today, and boy was it crazy.

    Video Games , Slice o' life
  4. This is goodbye...

    This is my final post on Bulbagarden EVAR EVAR! I am going to take my trolling ways to Serebii because over there the forumz are greener!

    -Insert exactly five minutes-

    Know my best friend on the forums? Well, he begged me to stay, so I'm staying! :D Because I was really super cereal about going.

    P.S. Vote Shellder for MVP of December 2008! :O
    Slice o' life , EmoDisc
  5. Screw Brock! I'm the Top Breeder! =] (Gaming accomplishments of the day)

    Spiritomb - #442 (Relaxed)
    HP: 29
    Att: 31
    Def: 27
    SpA: 9
    SpD: 31
    Speed: 22

    Hidden Power Type is 'Ice'. Hidden Power Power is 59.

    I am recording this for posterity, the best Spiritomb I have ever bred.

    This project is for a trade, so all I need to do is check with the client, and see if they have something comparable! After almost a month of solid hardcore breeding, I have what may be the best possible ...
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