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Blog about Aloe

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Well, you all knew it was coming (maybe not) but it's time Trainer-c gave his opinion on Aloe...

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  1. Winged Psychic's Avatar
    I have to say, Aloe is definately my favourite medicinal plant.
  2. Vaexa's Avatar
    I laughed.
  3. Sombra29's Avatar
    *nods nods*
  4. Stranger's Avatar
    Aloe is my second-favorite medicinal plant.
  5. Satoshi-kun's Avatar
    Mmmmmm, aloe!

  6. woops's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Satoshi-kun
    Mmmmmm, aloe!

    I know a guy who drinks that.
  7. Beil's Avatar
    My mother likes to grow aloe in the basement. They've... gotten really big. It's almost scary. o__o


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