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PokeCommunity Is Making Me Uncomfortable

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The reason why I haven't been going to Bulbagarden as much is because I've been going to PokeCommunity. It's because there's more off-topic discussions than Bulbagarden. However, now I would like to spend more time here and less time there.

I'm feeling uncomfortable there for various reasons:
1. This is the big one: People there are way too random. Most of the thread titles are failed attempts at humor. I'm not into Internet memes and I'd rather talk seriously. I'm a very serious person and not one to joke around unless you actually know me in person.
2. There's one admin who's always dropping sarcastic, callous remarks.
3. Some of the people there are way too into Pokemon. The stamp I created today on my deviantART has in mind. I have a life outside of Pokemon.
4. I don't always want to talk about anime or video games or Jpop/Kpop. I have other interests too that don't involve any of those. I don't care about Legend of Zelda, Call of Duty, or Final Fantasy whatever. You would never catch me listening to Jpop or Kpop. I wish I could find a forum where intelligent, non-random young people hang out. But most of those forums are small, and I'd rather join a large forum because there's more users and more people to talk to. The thing is, almost all of those forums involve video games, anime, and technology, and the ones that don't are full of old people. (Thank God my parents don't use forums!)
5. There are too many bronies there. Every third male user has a MLP avatar.
6. I cannot delete my account, unfortunately.
7. The user titles that they recently implemented like "X defeated Blue!" and "X HAVE A PILLORY". I feel so awkward seeing those all the time and they annoy me.

I'm really getting tired of PokeCommunity, and I really don't like it. I'd rather be somewhere where I'm comfortable.

Can you offer me some advice?

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  1. pokefan548's Avatar
    Uuuuuuuuum... Just don't look at my usertitle *~*
  2. Gaga's Avatar
    Stop caring so much what other people like, maybe?
  3. Special Agent Looker's Avatar
  4. Karamazov's Avatar
    Sounds like you'd need a forum that doesn't revolve around a franchise catering to a younger crowd.
  5. FANG-TAN's Avatar
    Stop going to PokeCommunity? The solution doesn't seem to be difficult, to be honest. No one's holding you at gun point and you're free to go anywhere you choose on the internet.

    I mean, going to a Pocket Monsters forum and not expecting fantatics/heavy discussion about Pocket Monsters sounds kind of silly. No offense intended, but that's really the first thing you should expect when joining a discussion board involving any fandom. Also, what's wrong with forums involving video games, anime, and technology? Even if you don't always desire to discuss those topics all the time, as long as it has a miscellaneous discussion board, does it really matter what the forum is mainly about (assuming you even liked the main topic enough to join in the first place)?

    And why does age matter? Anyone has the capacity to be immature. Old people that act like immature brats are called manchildren, for instance. It's the internet, expecting no form of ignorance or immaturity from any age group is nothing short of unrealistic. A forum about something as popular as, say, Pocket Monsters is always going to attract plenty of different crowds, some more than others, and not all of them are what people would consider "normal". For forums in general, it''s gonna be even harder to find the "maturity" you seek if you're actively avoiding the age groups that have completed their brain development (and are generally expected to be mature).

    Regarding internet memes, good luck with that. With "Pokememes" being spawned from the annoyingly popular hellholes like 9gag regurgitating the dead bodies of Reddit memes, which were the result of Reddit murdering 4chan memes (supposed to stay isolated on 4chan) with their derpy "LE FUNNY MEME FACE XD" humor, all being posted for the general populace so they can be brainwashed into thinking it's cool on Facebook and crap, there is no escape from the cancer. (SPPf is full of LE MEME ARROWS greentexting outside of 4chan)
    Updated 21st April 2014 at 01:37 PM by FANG-TAN
  6. Baby Seals's Avatar
    [QUOTE=Karamazov;bt307347]Sounds like you'd need a forum that doesn't revolve around a franchise catering to a younger crowd.[/QUOTE]

    I would like to find one where the people aren't all over 30. I actually want to be a novelist.
  7. The Fighting Misty's Avatar
    Pokecommunity has always been a horrible forum in general.
  8. FANG-TAN's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Toutebelle
    I would like to find one where the people aren't all over 30. I actually want to be a novelist.
    Is there any particular reason why the userbase being over 30 is a problem?