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I hope this isn't inappropriate.

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I've never done cosplay before, and I really hope to do one soon enough! But I'm worried because of the character I want to do.

I would love to cosplay Morty. However, I'm very concerned about it. Morty is a guy, but he isn't exactly rugged-looking. He would be considered bishonen by a lot of people. I'm concerned about that because the majority of Morty cosplayers I saw online were female. To top it off, he is a popular character in Pokémon yaoi fics. I'd be afraid that a guy cosplaying as a bishonen Gym Leader character like Morty or Falkner would be looked at as gay. Not saying being gay is wrong, but I'm not gay.

No, I don't want to cosplay a more rugged-looking Pokémon Character, since I don't like most of the rugged men. Why would I want to dress as Chuck or Bruno if I'm not a fan of them? And don't suggest any other shonen series. I don't like Naruto or Dragon Ball Z. (And a guy cosplaying as a guy from a shojo series might be looked at even worse.)

This might sound really silly to some, but I hope it isn't.

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  1. CynthiaLover's Avatar
    Don't worry about what others say or feel. Cosplaying it express one's creativity. So what if Morty is often portrayed as gay in "some" situations, I've seen a lot worse, and I think a Morty cosplay would look pretty cool. I find him quite cool, kinda mysterious, yet always the level-headed one. I'm trying to build my own cosplay costume myself, though it's from a different series, and I have a feeling most might mistaken my character for a different, more popular one.

    Anyway, I say go with it. Who cares about that stuff, don't let it discourage you. Do what you want, don't let "critics" stop you. Just ignore that stuff and do what you want. It's your costume, so you can call the shots. Besides, I've seen a lot worse, and Morty is far from gay. Just because he's soft-spoken and level-headed doesn't make him gay. So go with what you want, and just brush off anyone else who thinks otherwise. Morty is a cool guy, one of the best Gym Leaders in Johto. That's how I feel.
  2. Miles101's Avatar
    He wasn't originally as bishie as he is now; I wouldn't be so concerned, honestly, but if you're that worried, cosplay as GS Morty as opposed to HGSS Morty.
  3. Gaga's Avatar
    I'm sorry.

    But yeah, disregard others and cosplay as who you want.
  4. Karisse's Avatar
    Dude, I'm a straight guy and I wanna cosplay a girl, you got nothin' to worry about. :P
  5. Helioptile's Avatar
    Could be worse... You could be cosplaying Bugsy...