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Madea's Big Happy Family

Where I get to explain some shit. Beware my evil mouth.

  1. Legolas

    I have a video to share for you...

  2. The Sailor Moon That Time Forgot

    I recently came across this atrocity:


    Apparently, we should be thankful for DiC's hackjob of a dub, because imagine if we got THIS Sailor Moon instead!

    I'll explain the backstory. In 1993, a company named Toon Makers, (which I can't find any info on - I'd presume that it's now defunct) heard about Sailor Moon, and put together an Americanized version of the show, with a mix of live-action and Western ...

    Updated 30th August 2014 at 08:37 AM by Baby Seals

  3. Talking to My Family is Not Helping Me

    I basically can't talk to my family about my problems anymore. It's a shame because I'm supposed to feel comfortable in my house and . The problem is that my parents don't like when I talk about things that "have no effect on me". I think that I have the right to talk about things that aren't relevant to my daily life. I go to a fucking day program with tons of low-functioning people five days a week and I don't get home until after 4 PM (plus I have to get up before 7 AM), so there really ...
  4. Rocket Number 9 Take Off To The Planet...VENUS.

    Aphrodite Lady Seashell Bikini
    Garden Panty

  5. PokeCommunity Is Making Me Uncomfortable

    The reason why I haven't been going to Bulbagarden as much is because I've been going to PokeCommunity. It's because there's more off-topic discussions than Bulbagarden. However, now I would like to spend more time here and less time there.

    I'm feeling uncomfortable there for various reasons:
    1. This is the big one: People there are way too random. Most of the thread titles are failed attempts at humor. I'm not into Internet memes and I'd rather talk seriously. I'm a very serious ...
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