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Thoughts on the New Pokemon

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by , 16th May 2013 at 02:47 AM (495 Views)
Well, right off the bat, I'm sure you can tell which one I like the best. ;)

Seriously though, when I first saw these four Pokemon, I was amazed at how incredibly well-designed they all were, especially Gogoat and Fletchling. I know some people don't like Helioptile, but I quite liked it, even if it was more for its typing than appearance.

If I had to rank them, it'd go:

1. Fletchling - It is ADORABLE. And it knows Flame Charge, what a badass! Also, how can you not love him after seeing this:

I'm so writing a fan-fic about that.

2. Gogoat - Gogoat has an amazing design, and I like its name (reminds me of Gogurt), plus, I like the new ride mechanic/Gimmick that Gogoat seems to be the centerpiece of.

3. Pancham - Finally, we have Po from Kung Fu Panda in Pokemon form! Enough said.

4. Helioptile - Despite the fact that its design is my least favorite of the four, I really like its unique typing, and I'm very interested to see what they're going to do with it.

New Moves:

Parting Shot - I think that this move is going to be a very important competitive one, especially paired with a Shadow Tag Poke.
Parabolic Charge - This move looks awesome! Electric Giga Drain? Yes, please.

Well, that's pretty much it. My thoughts on what has recently been released. Hopefully, Sunday's Pokemon Smash gives me something to rant on. (Please show Sylveon/Xerneas//Yveltal's typing!)

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  1. Chief KazamiNator's Avatar
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    My order of likeness would be:

    Helioptile (how do you pronounce this anyway?)

    Can't wait to use Parting Shot in competitive battle!
    Fletchling likes this.
  2. 97SaturnSL1's Avatar
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    I do like all of them in no particular order.

    Gogoat reminds me of the Dodge Ram logo used on Chryslers pickup trucks more than a goat and to send out gogoat youd have to say Go! gogoat! which could be a bit of a tounge twister

    Pancham is cool but he doesnt deserve the "Naughty" title unless he is a crazed pokemon who obsesses with cutting hair. though i do wonder if there is an evil Peacock pokemon who would be rivals with im?

    Fletchling reminds me of a baby roadrunner. (i know its a robin). i do wonder if there is a coyote pokemon who tries to catch them?

    And Heloptile... Interesting. just interesting...


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