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Hi people :)

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Hi everyone! As I saw in your profile, you are the only of my friend list to have a twitter or a youtube. I would like to follow you all in this websites adn you to follow me back, please :) . In youtube I post vidoes about Pokemon.
Let's do a follow for follow :))
What do you think?

@Adyniz; @*Jirachi*; @Ahnyo; @Faiwy; @Mokoniki; @RainbowSylveon; @Robin Storm; @SharKing; @Shiny Blaze;

Here are the links of my userpages:

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Updated 18th January 2014 at 03:56 PM by Burakeon



  1. Mokoniki's Avatar
    Sure why not?
  2. Burakeon's Avatar
    @Mokoniki; I am folloing you now in Youtube. You can find the link of my channel in my profile. :)
  3. RainbowSylveon's Avatar
    Following on both :D
  4. Burakeon's Avatar
    @RainbowSylveon; I did it back :D
  5. SharKing's Avatar
    Followed on Twitter, subscribed on YouTube.
  6. Robin Storm's Avatar
    Ok, Thanks! I'm not doing much with my YouTube account, and I am typing Dutch on my Twitter but I will make some translations so you can read it ;)
  7. Burakeon's Avatar
    @Robin Storm; Doesnt matter. Im not uploading every day in youtube but when it happens Im happy to know that I will have some bmgf users to see it. :) Oh.. and thanks. @SharKing; thank you too. I also did it back. :D
  8. SharKing's Avatar
    I'd say it's a good time to subscribe to me; I'm about to do a Sapphire Nuzlocke video series! I already announced it on Twitter, so I don't feel bad "spoiling" it here. XD


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