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Kengo, the real hero of Pokemon! (Anime World)

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I am a ComakariShipper mostly, aka, someone who ships the love triangle of Ash, Dawn and Paul. But there's one man who always touched my heart. As a fellow creature of the masculine gender (even if he's not really real), I understand how this poor guy feels for Dawn.

Kenny is the King of Unrequited Love. He deserves all those BBCodes. The poor guy is standing behind in a line containing Ash, Paul, Riley, Cynthia, Barry, Zoey and Conway and perhaps even Cyrus if you mix worlds. (Maybe he and Conway are on equal level in terms of popularity.) He has a huge line of rivalships in front of him.

His battle style and his Pokemon clearly shows that he's more of a Gym Battler like Ash than a coordinator like Dawn.

Then why did he become a coordinator if his mindset suits a battler?

The only reason I believe he took the contest route was so that he could be a good coordinator before Dawn could start her own journey to become a top Pokemon coordinator. He wanted to be ahead of her in the same path she wanted to take. Why? Because that's what a man would do for the girl he likes.

And as luck would play it, Dawn ended up travelling with Ash. But he still didn't give up (because Ash is dense as brick and Brock doesn't care for young girls) and got stronger and stronger.

He wanted to be like Drew (doesn't mean he knows Drew duh). He wanted to be the guy who would step over his girl's dreams in the Sinnoh Grand Festivals and be the center of her admiration and source of inspiration much like Drew was to May. Then he would gladly lose to her in the NEXT grand festival. Ah, that was perhaps the best plan. (It sorta worked for Drew, he lifted May off Ash's hands and took her to Johto.)

However, Drew was Drew...and Kenny was Kenny. He was destined to great things, and one of them would be his eternal struggle for Hikari.

In the end, he got a massive F U on his face and got booted out.

With his supposedly impossible to fail Plan A failing, Kenny was left with nothing but utter disappointment. He was a plain ordinary boy whom fandom always perceived as bland and never received much love. He knew it was impossible to stand out for both Dawn and her million fanboys. Winning the grandfestival was his only chance and that was watered-down(pun not intended) by his Floatzel.

He was out of ideas. He lost his sanity. Fear engulfed him. The fandom grew increasingly obsessive about Pearl, Ikari, Girlpower shippings. His fate seemed more or less clear. Hikari wasn't fated to be his, he realized.

But did he give up?


In his desperation, he found his way towards Sunnyshore city and decided to make one last ditch effort: Confess directly. And he did. After 180 episodes of lurking in the shadows, he finally faced the sun in the Sunnyshore city. He did what a man should do for his love. And then Dawn gave him a letter.

"Maybe, call me after few days. I'm busy cheering Ash"

He was dismayed. He was disappointed. He was deranged. He was discouraged.

But did he give up?


Even now, he must be sitting in Hoenn/Johto, waiting for her to cross his path, ready to tell her that they just met by a coincidence.

He's my fucking hero.


(May the fandom bless you with something else that's not Zoey.)

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  1. Hurricane Kishore's Avatar
    Keeny get to beat Ash.
    Thats should enough for him !
    Writer ignored him for 4 year and then make a episode where he kick Ash butt .
    It was Writer's way of saying [I]''See , We did gave Kenny some spotlight ![/I]
    Stupid Idiots Writer's!!!!
    If I was in charge then Kenny would lose to Ash on that battle and join Ash as he toward sinnoh league .
    Then Kenny see a lot of cool Battle and realize he love Pokemon Battle more then Contest .
    May be he has some Issue with Conway and his creepy way of approaching Dawn .
    At the end , Keeny decide to become a Pokemon trainer and join Dawn in Hoenn .
    That what you call Spotlight !


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