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Adaptation idea for Pokemon Black 2 White 2

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Pokemon Black White are by far the most amazing Pokemon games storyline wise. While DP had a good storyline too, it wasn't as deep as Pokemon BW. It's sad that the anime couldn't utilize this properly...but I have my own ideas for adapting Black 2 and White 2 for a fanfiction. There's just too much potential to leave.

Hilbert has become the Pokemon Champion after defeating N and Alder consecutively. But very soon after that happened, Hilbert disappeared suddenly along with Reshiram. Unable to do anything, the Pokemon League Authority breaks his head as for what he should do. Making a public announcement that the Champion disappeared would cause unrest after the whole Reshiram-Zekrom debacle. Having no choice, the League association leader decides it's better to shun Hilbert and make him lose in an official battle. He needs a fake Hilbert for that. Their search ends in a far away town in the west of Unova. They find a boy called Nate, who looks almost identical to Hilbert, like his twin brother. Nate is just a beginning trainer with nothing but a Tepig in his team. Liking this, the PLA director gives him a fat amount of cash and pits him in a battle against Iris.

Nate unaware of the whole conspiracy going behind, willingfully accepts it. He enjoys the lavish life of a champion for two days before jumping into a battle. That's when a mysterious man comes to him.

His name is N.

N gives Nate a Pokeball and tells him to use it in case he ever falls in trouble. N tells him he helps out Nate because he looks like Hilbert. (This running gag runs for the whole story till the end)

In a huge stadium where the battle is going, the 40000+ crowd was stumped when Hilbert pulls out a Tepig as his first Pokemon for his title defending battle.Nate obviously falls in trouble when his Tepig gets one shotted by Hydreigon. He has no choice but to use the only other Pokeball in his belt. He sends it out, only to find a--


Hilarity ensues, and the fake Hilbert's lavish life as a Champion begins. N meets him again and tells him to continue what he is doing. He doesn't care why he caught a Zekrom or why he was given such a wonderful Pokemon. He would simply use it in every battle and keeps winning.

The PWT starts, many great people like Red from Kanto, Dawn from Sinnoh(game Dawn who plays 2nd heroine?), Brendan etc. etc. appear and the story begins. The Fake Hilbert begins to search for answers. Conspiracies are unfolded, people behind the Pokemon League and their connections to a mysterious organization comes out. Things go more weird when a Terakion appears before Nate in the midst of a route.

That's when everyone realizes.

Team Plasma has returned.

Now with a legendary Pokemon capable of freezing the entire Unova and a scientist who has resurrected legendary Pokemon from 600 million years ago.

EDIT: As long as you give minor credit, anyone can take this idea and adapt it to their fanfic. It's a very good idea but I have too many fanfics on my writing queue already.

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  1. Tsutarja's Avatar
    I like the idea of a fake Hilbert - it's a good joke on the whole protagonists of BW and B2W2 looking similar, though couldn't they just have stated that Hilbert has decided to resign or something, did he need to lose? :O
  2. dracoflare's Avatar
    Hilbert will become an icon star by that time. He's revered as the Hero of Unova and the greatest Champion.(He doesn't use Reshiram in his battles.) People won't just accept if he suddenly resigns and disappears from the scene. If he were just a champion like Alder, it wouldn't have been a problem. But Hilbert saved Unova from the greatest disaster. A region that is still recovering from a disaster will be morally wounded if the hero disappears.

    After two years of putting people on a hold and giving stupid lies on Hilbert, the PLA makes a stupid move and decides to degrade Hilbert rather than say he disappeared.

    It's obviously a bad move. by the League.


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