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X-Men Days Of Future Past Review

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Alright, on Sunday Afternoon, I saw X-Men Days Of Future Past for the 2nd Time in Theaters so I'm to Give Off some of my thoughts on it, just a Warning I will say some Spoilers but NOT All because maybe U would want to see it for yourself.

I Liked the Start of the Movie, it shows the Darkness of what the World is like being Ruled Over by Sentinels and it shows what has happened to both Humans and Mutants. Now I was ANTICIPATING this for Over a Year and I was Hoping that it wouldn't disappoint and it DID NOT to me I thought. The Places looked Good the Green Screen or whatever to show the Darkness of the Future, and Bryan Singer makes a Good Return to the Film Series and makes it his Own again.

So the first Fight of the Movie happens and it was Pretty AWESOME to see I thought and the CGI they used here was Good.

When Wolverine is sent into the past, his fight is Cool to see, and when he Arrives to meet Young Xavier meets Hank/Beast it's pretty Funny. They fight for about 30 seconds before Xavier shows Up and? OH MY GOD HE'S WALKING! 0_0 At the end of X-Men First Class he was Unable to Walk, so here he was given a syriam so he could Walk again but he lost his powers. Charles slowly remember Wolverine and says to him what he said to both Charles and Erik in First Class, warning this is a cuss "*uck Off!" I Laughed at it because he copied off of what Wolverine said in First Class lOL.

Now I'm going to describe the Acting was VERY GOOD, I didn't find one BAD Performance.

Hugh Jackmann as Wolverine, he just NAILS this Role completely, it is one of my Favorite Roles bib him. He knows how to handle these situations and he was in character the Whole time. His first scene in the Movie, it shows him smoking a Cigar and it was Good.

James McAvoy and Patric Stewart as the Young and Old Charles Xavier, Let's start off with Stewart, he's not in it too too much but he still did a Good job. McAvoy on the other hand was REALLY GOOD, He NAILS it here again and shows that he has become a mess after First Class ended and U do see what he has been through.

Michael Fassbender and Sir Ian McKellen as Young and Old Magneto, Ian McKellen wasn't in it much either but he is still Good as always. Now Fassbender NAILS it here too, it shows that well, he hasn't changed much really and he will have to do certain things to change the Future if he has to.

Jennifer Lawrence as Mystique, now I am a HUGE Fan of Jennifer Lawrence who is Hot Off the The Hunger Games Movie and being in several David O. Russell Movies, and she is Great as Mystique, I thought she STOLE the Show at times and some of the Emotional Scences she had to do were Good I thought.

Now the other Person who I LOVED, Peter Dinklage as Bolivar Trask, right now he's REALLY Know for his Role on Game Of Thrones (Which I Recommend if U have HBO wherever U Live) but he was REALLY Good, maybe they could have Given more of a Reason why he wanted Mutants to be Gone but it doesn't really matter to me really. And I Liked that they had never questioned him being a small man in the Movie, I thought it was Good

Overall VERY Good Movie, I DON'T Want to say anymore stuff so here.

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  1. Ivysaur's Avatar
    I'm not a huge X-Men guy but this movie was fantastic. It made me go back and wanna watch First Class and the original trilogy which I had missed. Hugh Jackman, McAvoy and Fassbender were all phenomenal.


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