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Top 7 Champions!

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7. Wallace

I liked him better as a Gym Leader. Why do you need to be Champ? Does there HAVE to be two Water-type experts in the Hoenn League? DID YOU HAVE TO GIVE RISE TO THE MONSTROSITY KNOWN AS JUAN?

6. Alder

Well, there has to be someone here. I certainly don't hate him, but he's just not that appealing. You don't even fight him until the post-game in BW. Also, his theme is just meh.

5. Blue

... ... ...Rage storm over? Okay. He's cool and all, and gave a nice plot twist in RBYFRLG, plus it's cool how his party changes based on your starter. It's just that I don't like him as much as the others.

4. Cynthia

"WAT HELIO WHY SHE'S SO HOT AND COOL" Shut up. Yes, she's attractive, but that shouldn't influence my opinion of her. She has a nice party and theme (song), but I still like the others more. Trust me, it was hard deciding between her and #3.

3. Lance

HeartGold was my first main series game. After trekking through the Johto E4 (mostly with Meganium and Ho-oh lol) and finding out he was the Champ, I was eager to battle him. 10+ Revives later, I had finally beaten him. So yeah, nostalgia.

2. Iris

Man, it was REALLY hard deciding between the last two. She has the one of teh best theme's eva, nice character design (and development), and an awesome team. But I had to pick one of them.

1. Steven

And I love the Steel Type immensely. Granted, not all members of his team are Steel, but I happen to like those that aren't. Sure, his theme isn't that good, but who cares? HE'S A FREAKING BOSS. He is the heir to Devon, and he gives you a Hoenn Starter in HGSS and a Villa in Platinum.

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  1. Gaga's Avatar
    Wallace was an Ice trainer in Emerald.

    Cynthia is my second favorite (after Blue) just for that piano tune that plays before the battle.
  2. Reila's Avatar
    Alder is probably my favorite because of how unique and well rounded he is. Also, he became the fucking champion using three Bug-type Pokémon and Vanilluxe in his team, the old man is bad ass. Plus, I love his battle theme (haters gonna hate). Love Iris too and Blue is by far the worst (imo, of course), although I should say that he along Iris and Alder are the only champions that don't "feel" like random undeveloped characters as champions.
  3. PhilosophyPhlare's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by FairyGaga
    Wallace was an Ice trainer in Emerald.
    Wallace - Bulbapedia, the community-driven Pokémon encyclopedia What you talking about gaga
  4. Gaga's Avatar
    Oh god wat
    I guess I just remembered his Walrusmon :V
    Wow, two Water specialists. I can't figure why they replaced Steven.
  5. Kyriaki's Avatar
  6. L.L.'s Avatar
    Can't say I like Lance at that much. After the epic champion battle with Blue, you get this guy you already know in the sequel. Did it really take him three Dragonite to become champion? All of which are underleveled and have illegitimate moves by the way. And he claims forced evolution is wrong at the Lake of Rage.


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