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Some more thoughts.

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by , 13th June 2013 at 01:35 AM (458 Views)
Cause my reaction blogs are funny and all, but I'd like to elaborate.

As a quick note, some people notice the PC and Sana walking around in a forest. Some believe she's walking behind you or following you. She's not. She's just running in a circle or pacing and you happen to walk by.

Also, Pokemon-Amie looks fun. I wonder what all the different cakes are for. I would say Stat boosting (as that's something a lot of people have wanted), but I noticed that there were more than six. Types, maybe, with a corresponding cake type that deepens the bond more if it matches the Type of Pokemon being fed? Then why feed Zoroark a cake that is clearly not Dark? Also, it might be a little embarrassing to be imitating a Pokemon's face in public. But petting Legendaries will certainly be entertaing!

There's a Gym logo on the tower at Lumiose City. Just saying.

And another quick topic: what if Fairy isn't the only new type? If we added in Light and Sound as well as Fairy, not only would it appease the fanbase and keep the type count an evev 20, but it would be fun to see three new types in one generation. Plus, there's gotta be a reason why Xerneas and Yveltal haven't has theirs revealed. But it's just a theory. A Game Theory!

Finally, why have Hoards any way? I mean, the Alliance was there first. WarCraft jokes aside, what is the point of them? To encourage multi-target moves? To provide a way for fast leveling? To freshen things up? How would you encounter them anyway? Randomly? Specialized Terrain (Like Unova's Double Grass)? By Phenmominon? (I porbably speleled that rong). By scripted events?

Aaaand, why include battles restricted to Flying Types and Levitators? I mean, that excludes exactly half of the Bronzong population. What if I have no healthy Pokemon that can participate? What if I use Gravity or Soak? What if the Air Balloon pops? Would that "disqualify" the Pokemon, causing it to fall? Also, it would create a battle where a whole Type of moves are pointless.

Finally, I'd like to say that I think they will unveil the starter evos at E3. I don't know why, but my Vivillon senses are tingling.

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