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It's my birthday!

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Or, as they would say in Kalos, "c'est mon anniversaire!" Ah, another year of society putting up with me... feels good. I haven't opened my presents yet, I just got up thirty minutes ago (Pacific Time, remember?). But I know my parents are buying me a 3DS if I pay for half of it. Which is nice. I'm also planning on picking up FE:A while I'm there, so I'll just barely have the system and already have the two best games for it.

You may be wondering, Helio, what's it like having a b-day so close to Christmas? Well, for one, it's almost never on school day thanks to Christmas, but most of your relatives will just send you one present for the whole thing. Oh well. Also, if you want to comment, "Happy Birthday!," don't. I like to be original on this blog, so all birthday-related comments must be in the form of a poem, at least four lines and preferably rhyming.

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Updated 21st January 2014 at 11:54 PM by Helioptile

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  1. Zexy's Avatar
  2. Karamazov's Avatar
    Happy birthday, friend!
    We're together to the end
    Something something something lend
    Thank you for using Spacial Rend.
  3. Miles101's Avatar
    Happy birthdayyyyyyyyyy!
    It is okaaaaaaayyyyyy

    Best of luck with 3DS acquisition,
    Gen VI is truly the best generation.
  4. Life's Avatar
    Happy birthday!
  5. Uncle Edit's Avatar
    You know what I would have said otherwise, so...Happy Adorable Beautiful Charming Delicious Energetic Fantastical Gigantic Hopeful Innocent Jolly Kangaroo-like Likeable Mighty Neat Outstanding Pokémon-loving Quick Respectable Super Titanic Understanding Victorious Wacky Xtreme Yveryone-likes-you Z-word-I-can't-think-of Birthday. Whew, that was long.


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